As Summer Comes To A Close

Oh, summer. I am so sad to see you go. Really I only work two days this week. I have conference days Wednesday and Thursday then we’re off until we get students on the following Tuesday, but I’m only like half ready. My classroom is not set up at all except for the posters Hubby helped me hang up. And I still haven’t finished my curriculum work yet.

It’s hard to get my head in the game too knowing I’ll only be there for about ten weeks before I go out for baby.

My first summer without a job in like 13 years and my only kid free summer sans job is officially over. It was a good one though, so it’s okay. I’m ready for my students and I’m ready to grow our family. And that time is here.

Goodness my belly popped this week

In other news, our house is in shambles. Our bathroom is only about half finished, all though we can in fact shower in there again. They went as far as to hook up the water and get that shower only functioning, but it feel like a scene out of Dexter because you’re surrounded by plastic on all four sides.

And even though the bathroom isn’t done yet, they have to start the kitchen today in order to get the new cabinets in before our counter tops show up. So now we have a Dexter kill room bathroom and our kitchen is half gutted with all it’s contents in boxes in our living room and dining room. So, ya know, fun times all that.

Just pull the curtain liner closed behind you and suddenly you're in a scene from Dexter
Just pull the curtain liner closed behind you and suddenly you’re in a scene from Dexter

My training this week was weird and all over the place. Hopefully I can regain some normalcy this week.


Monday I headed out for a run. I did 1.25 miles at a 12:25 pace and felt pretty good actually. It was nice to get in a decent run to star my week off. I didn’t get anything in on Tuesday though since it was the first day of our renovations starting I was home all day making sure things got started on time and that everything we wanted and needed to have done was going to get done.

Wednesday I needed to consider my shower situation had to take place at the gym. I do not handle not showering in the morning well, so instead of waiting until after spinning at 630pm I went to the gym in the morning. I did two miles on the elliptical and some lower body strength work.

My belly is starting to peak out of the bottom of this top. Might be time to retire it until after baby comes. I am very quickly running out of work out tops that hold my bump in.
My belly is starting to peak out of the bottom of this top. Might be time to retire it until after baby comes. I am very quickly running out of work out tops that hold my bump in.

Thursday I saw my worst workout of the week. I felt sluggish and hot as soon as I took my first few steps out on my run. Around the half mile mark I stopped to walk for a minute and regain my composure. Started running again, didn’t have a good turn over, caught  my toe on a torn up piece of side walk, and went down. I knew I was going down as soon as it happened too so I just threw myself at the grass and landed on the fat part on my hip. The only thing that hurt was my ego. Here I am, giantly pregnant, trying to so hard to keep running, and I go face first down mid plodding shuffle. After I sat for a minute in someone else’s front yard, I got myself up, walked a few feet, then started up my run again and headed right home, clocking in at 1.06 miles of pathetic “running.”

Friday I did not work out. I just could not convince myself to go. I tried, I did, but every fiber of my being coerced me to curling up like a pile of mush on the couch. But we did go to the New York State Fair and walk a few miles around there, then saw Jim Gaffigan who was hilarious. My hips and round ligaments were screaming afterwards, but it was worth it. I love the fair and it’s rare I miss year given I grew up only 15 minutes from the fair grounds. I wish I could go more, in fact, but alas, life calls.

Saturday I opted to give our new treadmill a try. I did 1.26 miles of run walk intervals just to feel out my legs on it, and I felt decent enough running on it, so I’m hoping to run more now since I can do it so easily in the comfort of my house now.

It’s no wonder I tripped on a run this week. My feet are super gone now.

No work out Sunday. I woke up and everything hurt. My hips, my abdomen, my pelvis, my ribs. All of it. Everything was sore. I spent the day feeling sluggish and physically foggy, which included the most awkwardly positioned nap on our oversized chair while Hubs did some cleaning and reoragnaizing. I had started out helping before I fell asleep. I napped hard too. Oops.

This week should be better. Today is a toss up since we have to head to Syracuse for a doctors appointment and our house will again be full of contractors. I’m going to try and squeeze something in though. Tuesday and Thursday I plan to spin, Wednesday I will run after school on our treadmill, and sometime this weekend I’ll head outside for a run.

What was your best and worst work out this week?

Looking for suggestions on cheap, but long tank tops to workout in- go!

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  1. Not a cheap option at all, but Athleta Chi tank tops are available in extra long sizes. As a slightly tall person who is all torso, they are an absolute godsend. They are also so soft you will never want to take them off.

    I’m glad you were able to land in the grass when you fell and didn’t hurt anything! I’ve fallen before while running and that moment when you realize you are going down and there is nothing you can do to stop it is pretty scary. Especially since you have a bump to worry about!
    Heather recently posted…Midweek thoughtsMy Profile

    1. I will have to look into those tops. I like longer tops anyways, so I’d wear them still afterwards too.

      It’s like falling in slow motion! You know you’re going to fall and just have to roll with it.

    1. You’re so smart! I don’t know why I didn’t just consider that from the beginning.

  2. There aren’t necessarily cheap, but I love the For Two Fitness tanks ( that are made specifically for a growing belly. I invested in two when I first got pregnant and have worn them all through my pregnancy. They are the most comfortable tank on the planet! It is worth the investment, I promise!! I also like the lululemon Cool Racerback tanks because they are long, good quality, and I wear them when I am not pregnant as well.

    What will happen with your classroom when you go on maternity leave? Do you have a substitute teacher for those three months (are you taking three months)? What would happen if your baby were to arrive early – is the school system flexible with that?
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Week 37; Working Overtime, Messy Emotions, and Good News From the DoctorMy Profile

    1. Ah, yes, you have the cutest maternity running top! I want one!

      I’m planning to go out just shy of 37 weeks, which will be the end of our first quarter. I get new students every ten weeks, so if I go out at the end of the first ten weeks, a sub can come in and just start my curriculum from the beginning with the new group. I only get 6 or 8 weeks of paid maternity leave once the baby is born depending on my delivery and since we’re spending so much renovating our house I can’t afford any more than what I’m offered. It ends up working out though because I should be back sometime in the first week or two of third quarter, so there’s going to be very minimal disruption to my class having my time off fall this way.

      How much time are you taking off? You’re super close!!!

  3. You are looking so cute with that popped belly!! I’ve been struggling with motivation now that I am back in school and post Ironman. I am determined to get back in the groove and know that after Sept 13 (Ironman Wisconsin race day) I will be more motivated! There is always something about volunteering at an Ironman that re-motivates me to hit the ground running 🙂 I hope your first day of school went well and that you have a fantastic school year!!

    1. Have fun volunteering! Ar you going to sign up for IMMOO for next years too while you’re there?

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