Survival Mode

Monday again. I wish weekends were three days instead of two. Or hell, four days. Bring it on.

One more week of school, one more week of school, one more week of school. It’s the final week of the quarter, I just have to get through it. Then we have an all day superintendents conference day next Monday, Tuesday we’re off for the holiday, then Wednesday husband and I fly out to California! Must survive this week.

Did I mention I’m going to be coaching modified track yet? Because I am. Indoor track starts right after school today, so this throws another wrench in my ability and motivation to get my evening workouts in. But I have a plan!  I’m going to try my damnedest to get my hands on a key to the weight room since my athletes will be in there once or twice a week to strength train anyways. Then once all the kids are gone after practice I can head in there to run on a treadmill and lift. Thank you middle school, for having a surprisingly nice workout center. Hopefully I can make this work. But I do know I’m about to get even busier and any time I get to myself is now getting whittled down to maybe an hour or two per day at best. Why did I agree to this..?


Last week I managed one run and two spin classes. I was exhausted and starting to feel sick by Thursday night, but I still dragged myself to spin class. I was struggling and ultimately left class early. I’ve only done that once or twice before out of all the years I’ve been spinning, so I was definitely not feeling good.

I had every intention of getting into the gym for a run and strength training this weekend. Instead I spent the weekend curled up on the couch under blankets try to shake off a cold. I don’t often get sick, so I’m pretty annoyed at the whole situation. I’ve had a headache for four straight days now thanks to the insane pressure in my head. Everything sounds like it’s underwater, my jaw and face hurt, and I’m just cranky. Better now than on our vacation I suppose. And Husband should be grateful we don’t see each other all week since his chances of catching whatever I have go down drastically. And he gets sick easy, so hopefully I don’t infect him before our vacation.

I am hopeful to run after practice today as long as I can get into the gym and don’t feel like death. Tuesday/Thursday spin is still on my docket along with another run Wednesday and a long run on the weekend. Same plan as last week and hopefully I can execute it a little better this week, assuming the germs don’t keep me hostage too long.

Right now I’m entering survival mode. Survive being sick. Survive fitting in workouts. Survive my first week coaching middle schoolers to run. Survive this week of school period. All survival leads to vacation. November 12th, I need you!

Working out when sick – yay or nay?


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    1. I rarely ever get sick, so it’s frustrating. I did get out for a few walks too.

      We’re going to Disney Land to run a half marathon and make a kidless Disney vacation out of it.

  1. I am so sorry you are sick, that is tough anytime but especially when you are super busy. I am really excited that you are going to be coaching, I think you will make a great coach! I am sending you get better quick vibes! I usually work out if I am sick if its just a head cold, if it’s in my lungs, I don’t. Feel better!!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Weekly Wrap UpMy Profile

  2. Boo colds! They truly destroy any workouts we try to do. I’m so excited your vacation is finally coming up – I can’t wait to hear all about the half marathon! And I think it’s so cool you’re coaching track! I know it’s extra work for you but it’s going to look awesome on your training resume and you’re going to definitely make an impact on your students. Good luck surviving the next week, you’re so close!
    Kristen recently posted…Trying To Prepare Myself For Winter RunningMy Profile

  3. It depends on how sick I am and where the sickness is. If I just have a head cold, I usually workout, unless I am really really drained. If the cold is in my chest, I just rest. It’s so hard for me to rest though, so I usually end up going for a walk anyways.
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