Swimming Through The Static

It’s only Wednesday and I’m already pooped. I need to start going to bed earlier. Yeesh.

It’s been super snowy and cold this week so far. Our windchill has been down around -15 to -20 more days than not. I’m just chilled straight through. I wish we’d get enough snow to get a dang snow day at least. Then I could just live in jeans and a hoodie. Because at 530 in the morning when it’s -20 out and your bed was so warm and nice, putting on work pants is really, really difficult.

I’m trying really hard to get all my workouts in this week despite being cold and tired. Monday I went for a run in the snow, because snow, duh. Except it did not go well. My calves were so tight, I just couldn’t do it. I gave up after a mile. So defeating. I just want to get my running back on track. It’s been off for months and months and as someone who was a runner first and a triathlete second, I’m frustrated.

Boooooo, run, you sucked.

So yesterday I dressed down a bit for work so I could wear some sneakers and give my legs a break from work shoes. One of the other teachers in my building is a pro triathlete and she wears such cute dresses with boots or heels every single day. I have no idea how her legs aren’t dead. Probably because she has a pro card and is way cooler than me. But still.

I had every intention of getting back in the pool yesterday too. Every freaking intention. But you know what? My local YMCA is kind of crummy. They were having tons of filter problems at the end of the summer and the water quality was code red level nasty. Then they drained the pool to put in a new deck and it was closed for like two months. And since they reopened they’re back to having filter issues and apparently it’s cold. It’s leaking or something and they keep having to put more water in and they just can’t seem to get the temperature up. And on top of that their hours blow. I can no longer swim in the early mornings with my tri club thanks to my new work schedule, so their only other available lap swim time is at 830pm! Uh, yeah, hi, I go to bed at like 9pm. I cannot swim at that time. It’s so dumb.

I’ll be back on top someday soon. Just gotta keep swimming. Wait, keep running. Wait, shoot. Time to start climbing again.


I wanted to go yesterday. I have a new toy, I put some new music on my waterproof ipod, and I really, really want to go! I miss swimming, I really do. But goodness gracious, I don’t want to go that late. Plus if I want to spin too, that ends at 630, then what? I have two hours to kill. I know I won’t be happy about sitting around all gross, I won’t want to workout during that time because I have no desire to do four hour workout on a Tuesday night that ends after my bed time. I mean really. It fricken blows.

So all I did last night was my hour of spinning. The HWS pool reopens next week once the college students come back from winter break and they have hours that are much more conducive to my schedule, so I’ll start getting in over there from now on I think. Just gotta do whatever I’ve got to do to get it in.

Just gotta keep swimming. Eventually.

Tell me about your workouts this week- what’d ya do and what’s on the docket?

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  1. Staying motivated when it’s SO cold outside is very tough. Running on the treadmill is tough for me too. I can do 3 miles, then I’m bored…. but I can run outside and do like 10 no problem. Having such a fit social community really helps me during these tough months! I usually put my bike on the trainer (I got one off of craigslist pretty cheap $30 bucks or so) and that’s how I get everything in 🙂 Good luck! 😀

  2. I am so darn thankful I swim with a masters group. That being said, my motivation to swim in the winter really seems to wane. There’s something incredibly unappealing about getting out of a warm bed to go out in the cold, to eventually get into a cold pool. Blech. But, I do it 3x a week….because I’ve paid for it. And when I don’t go, coming back is SO freaking hard.
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  3. Luckily, my schedule allows me to swim around lunch time at least once during the week. It sure beats getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning to jump into a pool!
    This week, I’ve managed a run and a bike/run brick. Today’s the day off, and then it’s more swimming, biking, and running!
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  4. Something I always do when running in the cold and snow is wear compression socks under my tights. It adds extra warmth to my calves and muscles! Pools creep me out for the code red reason. I know the chlorine is there to “kill all” but I still have to black out all of the gross thoughts that pop in my head from time to time about what is in the water. Do you really go to bed at 9?

  5. I completely understand the swim struggles and bed time…we go to bed at 8 pm and get up at 4 am. We don’t have many good pool options during the winter months, so we have to find time around water aerobic classes, gym hours and our workout schedules…it is so frustrating. We have also had REALLY cold temperatures, but it looks like we might reach 40F tomorrow…bring on the heat wave 😉 Sorry you had such a bummer of a run. As a runner first, I understand the frustration and hope things turn around for you soon!!
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