SYR Half Training Week One

Well, I keep saying I’m going to do a better job at posting semi regularly and I keep not figuring out how. Life just keeps coming full steam.

My first semester teaching in my new district came to a close. That means the school year is half over. It also means I pulled my room apart, packed it up, and moved to a different building within the district. I start teaching high school today for the first time in six years. I’m having some feels about leaving middle school, but I think I’ll be happy. Hopefully I can ease into this first week relatively painlessly.

My kid is basically a toddler now at 14.5 months old. She’s cutting her final baby teeth, minus her two year molars, is running like crazy, blabbing up a storm, and just overall an energetic ball of happiness. Being her mom is awesome.


I finished out the Runner’s World running streak. I ran every day, all 39 days. Like I mentioned previously I saw some speed gains that I’m thrilled about. I’m still slow. Slower then I like to be, but I’m the fastest I’ve been since I tore my calf in August of 2014, so I’m taking the win.

My next scheduled race is the Syracuse Half Marathon on March 26th. I finally started training. I’m behind. Shocker.

In my defense, I started training then got knocked down by a nasty upper respiratory infection that landed me in urgent care, then another medical situation that landed me in the ER (I’ll likely go into details on this later, at some point). I’ve been recovering physically and emotionally for a few weeks now. Some days I just want nothing more then to go out and run endlessly. Some days there is just no way in hell I will ever get myself moving.

I did finally get a full week of training under me, sort of.


Last week I ran three times but missed my long run due to that aforementioned cannot convince myself to run emotional head space piece I’m struggling with right now. I ran two miles Monday at a 9:40/mile pace, 2.5 miles Wednesday also at a 9:40/mile pace, and Thursday I ran 2 miles at a 9:32/mile pace. I ultimately did not do my long run over the weekend.

But I got home early yesterday from work and immediately changed into running gear and headed right out before my body realized I was home and gravitated towards my couch. My long run was only to be 5 miles, so I headed out of my neighborhood to run some back road and grab those miles.

Long runs in the evening is far from my favorite, but I’m determined to go into this race better prepared then I went into my marathon back in October, so I went out regardless. I clomped through all five miles and came in at a 9:50/mile pace, which is my goal pace for the race. That will secure me a PR for my half marathon, so that’s what I’d like to aim for. A few more long runs of real distance should give me more insight of to the possibility of this goal.

Given I did last week’s long run on the fist day of this week’s training block, I’ll likely dial back on weekday runs. I’d like to get in an easy run today just so I can end January with a solid 20 miles. Less then I need and hoped for, but from a health perspective the best I’m going to get. I haven’t really flushed out a schedule yet, because emotional head space, but I’m looking for 2-3 mid week runs (not included yesterday) and a six mile run on one of the weekend days.

Anyways, that’s kind of where I’m at right now. Again, hopefully I’ll get myself posting more one of these days.

5 Thoughts on “SYR Half Training Week One

  1. Beth Lahr on January 31, 2017 at 8:57 am said:

    Sorry to hear of your set backs and illness but hope you are on the mend and back at it soon! Love to hear from you!

  2. Sorry to hear you were knocked down, but thankfully not out! I hope you are feeling better! Hugs!
    Kecia recently posted…29 weeks ’til #IMMT: Not as plannedMy Profile

  3. Sorry about the illness and hope you are about to catch up with us very soon. Get well first and oh is that your child? He is very cute indeed!
    Elmer Anderson recently posted…EarnGO 1.0My Profile

  4. Hey – i just caught up and read your last two posts but could not comment (it didn’t have the option). I’m so glad your’e getting in some running and please don’t beat yourself up about the ones that didn’t happen! Just doing the best you can is enough, especially with terrible illnesses (sounds rough!). I’m so happy to see the cute pics of your sweet daughter. 🙂

    • Courtney@ The TriGirl Chronicles on February 26, 2017 at 11:10 am said:

      Hi! I’ve been behind in the blogosphere and have been meaning to catch up with you 🙂

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