T-48 Hours Until IMCuse

Oh my gosh, do you know what?

My race is in less than 48 hours. Shit’s getting real.

I took today off work so I could run errands to buy the last of my fuel needs and spread my gear out on the floor and stare at it for hours, trying to remember what I may still need to grab. Damn you triathlon, why do you require so much stuff!

More things have since been added to my gear pile. It’s a slow gathering process.

I finally get to use my awesome new transition bag that Husband bought me for Christmas last year. I used it for the Rat Snake too, but that required about a third of the gear.

I’m a little nervous, a little anxious, but so far so good. I’m sleeping fine at night and I’m feeling well rested and carb-ed up and hydrated to the max. Ask me Saturday night how well I sleep though. I’ll probably have a very different answer.

And thank goodness my agency summer luncheon was this week. Hello stipend, you will get entirely spent at the expo and then some. Sorry credit card, your payment can wait.

So much to do! Lots of packing, lots of things the remember to bring, I want all the IMCuse 70.3 things from the expo, I’m meeting up with a few people from my triathlon FB group to drive the course, just, ah, lots. Lots to do. Pasta to be eaten, sleep to barely be slept, and lots of swimbikerun to be done.

We should be getting into Syracuse early Saturday. Bike check in starts at 11 and I’ll have to attend one of the various mandatory athlete briefings. We’ll hit up the expo and then I’m going to be driving the bike course with my Tri-Fecta buddies. Then it’s race day on Sunday! If you feel inclined to follow my race on Sunday HERE is the link to the IMCuse athlete tracker. You either look me up by name or bib number (156) and watch all my splits upload in real time. Not sure how many there’ll be, but there will be one swim and multiple on the bike and run. So you’ll be able o see where I am on the course and how I’m doing time wise. I hit the water at 7:05 am sharp though, so you’ll have to fire up your computer early!

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