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The Never Ending Countdown


Wow, some days are just too much. Monday ended up being rough! Just a straight up struggle for me getting ready in the morning and I ended up leaving a few minutes later than usual. And on my drive in I missed my turn which meant I had to drive Read more →

Mental Strength Training

Hello from California! Husbandface and I raced yesterday and I will have a full race report most likely next week about that. I’m going to a jet lagged mess the second half of this week, so nothing coherent is going to make it’s way out of my mouth or onto Read more →

I Lived


Still working out my post race kinks from ESHM on Sunday. Still a bit fatigued, but getting along better. I spent all day Sunday post race in my compression tights, slept in them Sunday night, then again Monday night. By Tuesday I was finally mostly soreness free. My legs are Read more →

Race Report – Empire State Half Marathon


Empire State Half Marathon, oh yet again, you have foiled me. I knew I’d be slower this year thanks to my nagging calf tear injury that has caused me to go into this race entirely and painfully under trained. (You can find my race report from last year’s race here) Read more →

Quiet Courage


Hi. Hey. Hello. Whew. Why the heck am I always so tired and stressed? I blame my lack of workouts, namely morning workouts. Unless I want to get up at 4am I don’t morning workouts are no longer an option for me. My days are always significantly better when started Read more →

Pumpkin Cider Dreams


Holy hell, what a week! The spider incident really started my whole week off horribly. And now it’s nearing the end of the week and I cannot wait. I have a three day weekend and hubby has Monday and Tuesday on reduced hours, so we’ll actually see each other both Read more →

Run Happy


Oh my gosh. Running, why are you so difficult!? I ran three times this week. Tuesday after work I set off hoping to get in four miles. I did three. I took off down my street and headed into town. It was rush hour so I should have just stuck Read more →

Training Cram


What a weekend! Hubby’s birthday weekend and we had a great time. I bought him a new tv for our basement renovation, we went to Hibachi for dinner with both sets of parents, then Saturday we hung out with friends most of the day. Ate soup since the weather was Read more →

Will Run For Pumpkin Spice


My posting is still somewhat erratic right now. Hopefully I can start to settle down this week or next. I have so much school work to do and still have more PT in the evenings. Woosh, I’ll be happy when that’s over. PT has been helping though. I’d say my Read more →

Friday Five – Race Memories


After all the hubbub over my leg yesterday, I decided playing Friday Five was a good use of my head space today. I need to not think about how much pain I’m in and what this means for me, so instead, I’m down for talking about five of my favorite Read more →