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The Other Side of Fear

There are just some times were your head isn’t quite in the game. This week has been one for me. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve finished every workout I’ve had scheduled so far for this week, but it was with a lot of force and reluctance. And it’s not Read more →

Race Recap – Seneca7 Relay

I have to say, this was one fun race. It had it’s ups and downs like any race, but it was really fun and made for a day of running adventures. I give a big thumbs up to Seneca7! There were six start waves for the race and waves were Read more →

I Run Because

I hope you ran yesterday, readers. I know I did. It may not have been on my training plan, but I still logged a short run after all my other training was done.  Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings. I ran for the 3 who Read more →

Finding Your Mojo

Who else is off work today? *raises hand* I really like how many holidays my work gives.  I’ve been saying I’m going to work on my weekend workout laziness work ethic. So yesterday I got myself to the tri club’s swim clinic. I was nervous and I’ve been avoiding their swim clinics Read more →

I Am Capable

Spinning last night was very much so needed in so many ways.Sunday night I couldn’t sleep. I dealt with a Griswold fiasco at 3am and then couldn’t sleep some more. Around 4am I conceded and shut my alarm off. There was no way I could run on only four hours of sleep, Read more →