The Courage to Start

Half way through this week, all right!

Aside from what felt like nothing on Monday (30 minute recovery spin, slow, boring, boooo) training is coming right along. Tuesdays seem to be a big day for me. Swam a ton in the morning and at a 1:52/100 pace. No wonder I was panting and huffing and puffing. 

Also got in a fabulous ride with the tri club. The storms held off long enough for us to get in 30 hilly miles. Then between the swimming and the cycling I turned into the eat-all-the-foods-monster. 

And now this is what is all over my mind now. The Rat Snake. It’ll be 40+ painful miles of trail running and a cycling course so hilly it comes with a nasty disclaimer about how badly it hurts. And I signed up for this because…..

Oh right- it was $25 and they offer a beer and BBQ at the end. Clearly my stomach makes questionable decisions for me. It’s also a memorial charity race, so I’ll focus on that. Andplusalso, I was on a registration black out button clicking spree. Registering for the Rat Snake was wedged into between two or three other registrations that all happened consecutively. Beware of that button, it’ll getcha.  

Pretty much sums up my feelings about Saturday.

But it will be an awesome weekend. I ended up renting us a cabin at Gilbert Lake State Park and we’ll spend the weekend camping, hiking, cooking out, whatever else. Rob can do his Sunday long run somewhere awesome that isn’t Geneva for once. It should be a really fun weekend, assuming I can move at all come Sunday. 

So Rat Snake Saturday, then after that it’s the final push to Ironman 70.3 Syracuse. I’m nervous that my training wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but at this point it is what it is and I need to trust my training. Because just diving in when that gun goes off if half the battle. And I’m ready to fight for the finish line. 

Tell me about a time you felt slightly over you head in a race and how you fared
Tell me about the craziest race you’ve ever run
(The Rat Snake is probably going to be mine!)

17 Replies to “The Courage to Start”

  1. I haven’t run my craziest race yet, but my craziest is going to be the Spartan Ultra Beast.

    Good luck this weekend lady! Can’t wait to read the recap from this race. It looks awesome (and scary at the same time).

    1. Haha, I usually do the same swim/bike cycle on Thursdays too. Swimming never feels like enough so I tend to couple it with cycling. The end result is like 1400-2000 calories burned and me being a ravenous monster!

  2. Enjoy your race this weekend! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels like they are constantly shoving their face full of food or worries about not having trained enough. I have 70.3 Raleigh coming up and I feel both prepared and scared at the same time! You are right though trust your training and ENJOY the race! Looking forward to your race reports!

  3. Enjoy your race! I signed up for TOSRV and it was in the middle of my tri training for my first oly. My legs were not ready for that many miles in may. weather was to bad this year in ohio to get many long rides in. But I felt basass after finishing Saturday after hours of rain! mental toughness!!!!!

  4. Haha I feel over my head in almost every race I run! But it’s aways worth it once you cross that finish line! My craziest race ever was my half marathon in the rain – as long as you have good weather you should be good. Good luck though, I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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