The Great Ironman Chattanooga Meltdown

So, Ironman Chattanooga, yeah. What a big old hot mess that is right now. In case you missed the drama (as I’m sure non tri obsessed people did) the race “sold out” and a mere 3 minutes. But don’t read too much into that. About 2000 of the 2500 general entry slots were presold to select tri clubs without publicizing it. So when people hopped online to register at noon EST Wednesday to vie for a spot in the inaugural IM Chattanooga, they were under the impression there were more than 500 slot available. Then at 12:03 when the Active server went down, people just about lost their minds. People were put into a “line”, queued for registration. Some people spend as long as three hours queued only to get the sold out screen and getting booted of the registration page when their turn finally came up. Needless to say, people are livid and Ironman hasn’t made any sort of announcement or apology to quell the masses. The IM Chattanooga FB is getting slammed with angry comments left and right. Honestly, if this was how they planned to run their inaugural race, they should have made it invitation only with a lottery for the few remaining slots. But they didn’t. So goes it. 

I had, very heart breakingly so, decided to wait until 2015 for this one anyways. As much as it pained me, it’s probably for the better. And I’m glad I didn’t get caught up in the craze and anger surrounding registration.

So my tentative triathlon schedule for next season now looks something like this-
Ironman Syracuse 70.3 (June)
Mussel Man Mini Mussel (July)
Iron Girl Syracuse (August)
Finger Lakes Olympic Tri (September)

Subject to change of course. And I’m sure I’ll throw at least half a dozen road races in there too. Because, well, why not, ya know. Go big or go home, right?

And about the FLT, the tri I’m running this Sunday. Let me just tell you, I got the email race info yesterday. It’s a full quarter mile run from swim out to T1. Yup, that’s right, a full quarter mile. Talk about a long T1 I’ll end up having. I’m not much of a swimmer and coming of a nearly mile long swim, running right out of the water for .25 miles to T1 does not make me very happy. But I will live. And probably have an astronomically long T1. But at least I know that going in I guess. And I’ll make sure I whine sufficiently about this during my recap next week. Just so you know that going in!

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