The Sweetness That Is Summer

Well, it’s official. It is Friday, June 26, 2015 and I am finally on summer break.

This is my first summer break without a job since I was like 14. With the one exception of the summer of 2011 following my year teaching in Inner City Hell, which was a horribly stressful summer since neither Husband or I had jobs lined up for the fall at that point and we spent a good amount of the summer worried and stressed and struggling.

But here I am. No job for the next 10 weeks, no financial worries with the exception of my own attempts to budget sans job, and just the joys of knowing I can workout, relax, and enjoy myself until September. I’m going back to Newark in the fall to continue teaching in the wonderful school I was in this year and husband is up for a possible promotion at work. Things are pretty good right now.

As for my workout and “training” efforts, right now I’m hoping to find a 5k to run at some point this summer. It’s looking like I probably won’t be until August. And at that point I’ll be quite a bit more pregnant, although “running” or a run-walk combo for a 5k is totally doable. But that’s probably going to be about it. I’d do the Cubby Chase again, but it’s the same weekend in July as my trip to Chicago with the Junebugs, so I need to keep my eyes open for something else.

I think working out on my own schedule is thing I’m most excited about for the summer. I get home from work during the hottest part of the day and with the summer heat and humidity settled in I just can’t go out running that time of day. Not pregnant me could, but pregnant me just can’t do it. So morning runs and lunch time swims (and possibly morning swims with my tri club because I miss them dearly) are definitely in order for the next 10 weeks.

Morning workouts are followed with a close second favorite thing that I am very much looking forward to doing; napping in my hammock.


Having the summer off also means I’ll be better about blogging and all that jazz more frequently. So keep an eye out for my (used to be) usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule, a few belated product reviews, lots of Tri Talk Tuesday chatter, and lots of life related banter. I’ll throw in some coaching things and whatever else too. But really, I am just excited to be here.

Hello summer. You smell so sweet!

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    1. I’m looking forward to catching up on the blogs I like to read! I’ve fallen off the reading wagon and it makes me sad.

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