The Weather Prevails and Workout Fails

Happy post new year! I hope everyone else is getting themselves back at it. 

I’ll be 110% back on the training and healthy eating bandwagon on Monday. I’m on par today and was yesterday too, but we have one last holiday party to attend on Saturday and it’s notoriously bad food heavy. 

You know what’s really frustrating? When a workout is a complete crash and burn failure. 

Thursday was a crash and burn for me. Against all my wills and every fiber of my being I made it to the gym for my morning workout. I should have just stayed in bed. 

I thought it would be fun to bring my tablet and watch the Kona coverage and get a long run in to ring in the start of training in the new year. I even got it all situated, paired with my headphones, everything, at home the night before. But it wasn’t having it come Thursday morning. The video kept freezing to buffer so I switched from my 4G to wifi and from there it just refused to work at all, period. The whole time I was fighting with it I was also running. I felt my watch buzz me at the mile and realized that ten minutes of fighting it was getting me no where and conceded. One lousy mile to ring in the new year. 

So I changed gears. I didn’t bring my ipod, so sans music I decided to row. I switched my watch out of run mode and settled onto the erg for a 2000 meter endurance sprint. And wouldn’t you believe 1300 meters in I realized I never started my watch. Fail. All sorts of fail. I immediately gave up. I just couldn’t do it. 

I did get myself to spinning though, so I feel like I still managed to pull out a decent workout. Only three of us showed up given the horrible weather conditions. One other regular and the instructor’s husband. And the instructor started out by saying “Good, no students, now we actually have a hard workout for once.” Um, what? Your class is always hard! This particular instructor is the most difficult of the six spin instructors, and I know because I’ve done all six of their classes more than once each. So I definitely got my butt kicked last night. 

Yes, yes there is. Stop lying. 

Today, the weather is brutal. Rob and I bundled up and spent an hour clearing the snow. I did a bunch of shoveling while he snowblowed the driveway. It was only 1F with a windchill of -15F while we were out there, so that’s my workout for the day. My work closed, so I’ll be hunkered down at home all day. 

What was your “ringing in the new year” workout?
How’s the weather by you today?

12 Replies to “The Weather Prevails and Workout Fails”

  1. I did a “Walk Away the Pounds” DVD last night as my first 2014 workout. It was a 3 mile walk, and I’m working my way through a squat challenge. Tonight, I’m probably going to do something light and easy because I have a 5k in the morning, and it’s going to be cold!

  2. I have spent the past three days summarizing 2013 and setting 2014 goals so no workouts for me just yet – you are a machine though! New shoes just arrived today so I’ll be heading back out on the road tomorrow. HIM training officially starts up on 1/20…can’t wait to get back into the swing of things!
    Stay safe through that nasty storm!

    1. Our parallels in racing and training (and calf injuries apparently) is impressive. My HIM training for sure will kicking off this month, hopefully next week full steam. And new shoes, yes, I’m very due for those right now!

  3. At least you got in that tough spin class. That’s pretty much worth a couple trips to the gym. 🙂 My new year workout was a 7 mile trail run with my husband. The weather in Central Oregon has been spring-like (very unusual for this area) and everyone is crossing their fingers for snow!

  4. It’s cold for TN right now. We were around 20F for the daytime high. Brrr too cold for me! I can’t even imagine -15!! Sounds like your spin class was killer so I wouldn’t count that as a fail. I’ve been working out at home to T25 so I haven’t had to battle the weather.

    1. That is cold for TN! The first time husband took me to Chattanooga it was snowing and they all blamed me for bringing it with us. I have a hard time wrapping my head around people not having snow and frigid temperatures after growing up with it.

  5. I also shoved as a workout today. And technically now that I think about it, I was basically doing squats as I built my snowman! So I guess the snow was a good thing after all 🙂

    1. If it wasn’t so dang cold I would have definitely played in the snow today. I just could suck up the sub-zero temperatures anymore after spending an hour shoveling.

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