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Weeeee, Friday! And I’m off to Atlantic City for a raucous weekend of shenanigans with my Junebug hags! 

Wednesday night I went to an event put on one of the guys from my tri club. It was an advanced triathlete seminar on how to measure fitness and train via those measurements. He talked a lot about RPE (rated perceived effort), heart rate training, power meter training, and using Training Peaks to have those mathematically calculated for you. He went over some of his personal training graphs and talked about how it all worked and what it meant in terms of creating effective workouts to garner the results you wish to see in your fitness. 

It was really interesting and I was happy to see that I seemed to understand more of what he went over than some of the other members who glazed over a few times. It’s all stuff I’ve been trying to learn on my own, so it was nice to have that reinforcement from someone who’s being doing triathlons for 11 years, including completing 4 Ironmans, two of which were only 8 weeks apart!

This was a great event for me because it confirmed to me that what I’ve been trying to learn is correct and it will hopefully give me a jump for when I go to get my Level 1 USAT Coaching Certification.

Oh, did I leave that out before?

Yup! I have to apply and apparently slots fill quickly, but I’m going to throw my application out there. There’s a training in Albany which is only about a 3 hour drive and I could shack up with one of my college besties who is out there. Finger crossed! I really want this! I’ve written a few training plans for a few friends recently and have gotten positive feedback. 

Also, this-


Hey there’s me! I’m running Ironman 70.3 Syracuse! And goodness it’s getting to be creeping up too. Getting very close, very close indeed. 

What’s good on your docket for plans this weekend?
Who’s used a coach before? What’d you love that they provided to you that you wouldn’t otherwise get through self training?
Annnd, free brownies to whoever got the movie reference in my title today!

3 Replies to “This Is a Blog Of Learned Coaches”

  1. I used a coach for my first IM and I’m using a coach now. For me the biggest value in a coach is having someone to reign me in, ha ha. And I do need a sounding board every so often.
    This weekend is my last double digit run before Boston. And it’s a weekend filled with birthday parties and Easter dinners. I’m going to need a day off to recover from the weekend, ha ha.
    Good luck with getting your certification! That’s exciting! Getting my triathlon coaching certification is next on my list…probably won’t happen until next year though.

  2. So excited for you, Courtney. That is awesome that you are pursuing coaching. I have been working with a coach for the past two months and would not have it any other way. I feel accountable for my training, train differently incorporating both speed and hills, and always have a great resource for questions and concerns. A coach is truly invaluable.

  3. So exciting about the coaching application! I would love to use a coach, I think it would help keep me accountable and motivated, and I’d train “smarter”.

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