To Infinity And Be- Wait, No, Wrong Movie!

First thing’s first here, I need to tell you how awesome my husband is. He’s caring, funny, and handsome. Pretty lucky, aren’t I?

Husband! *swoon*

He also takes me on lots of fun vacations, like taking me to the Grand Canyon twice last year. Because the first time we went it was soooo foggy we were standing right on the edge of the canyon and literally could not see it. It takes a loving man to make a return trip two days later when it’s 3 hours out of the way. Gotta say, I’m one lucky lady. 

And yesterday he went ahead and booked us another trip. This one is even a race-cation!

That’s right, he made sure he was in front of a computer right at noon yesterday to register us for the Run Disney Inaugural Avengers Half Marathon!

So in November we’ll be flying out to California for a week long Disneyland vacation that will culminate with our first Run Disney race. I’m really excited! My husband rocks and I can’t wait to check off another awesome race with my favorite running partner. 

In other news, I’ve done nothing so far this week. Nothing. I can’t seem to get all the snot out of my head and I’m coughing nonstop. I know the general rule of thumb is if the sickness is in your head you can work through it, but if it’s in your chest to wait it out. I’m only coughing because the post nasal drip; it’s most definitely a head cold. But I just can’t seem to get myself peeled off my bum to workout when I feel so miserable. Teaching for two days in a row with basically no voice was hard enough, I can’t even fathom making it through a workout without inducing a coughing fit. If I don’t feel any better by the end of the day I may pop into our local walk-in and beg for some kind of medicine that you can’t get OTC. I’m having a really hard time not training. The waiting is going to kill me. Especially being that the weather is supposed to finally get for real nice this weekend! I need to be running and biking outside please and thank you. Go away germs, you’re not invited. 

I’m hoping to maybe do a light spin tonight or tomorrow then still make it to the tri club swim clinic and get out for a run Sunday in the nice weather. Until then, at least we have vacation planning to do!

Have you done a Run Disney race? What advice can you share about it?
Anyone else suffering through a spring sickness, or am I alone in this?

10 Replies to “To Infinity And Be- Wait, No, Wrong Movie!”

  1. Wohoo! That is so awesome – was a great surprise! I have never run a Disney race but after growing up in So Cal I now totally regret it! 🙂
    Hope your sickies go away soon – just a nasty, nasty cold/flu season.

  2. Yay I’m so excited for you! I totally need to run a Disneyland race now, we should try to do Tinkerbell or Disneyland Half together!

  3. I have always wanted to do a Disney race! Maybe someday I’ll time it perfectly with a trip to Cali or Florida. You are going to have a blast!

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