Training Cram

What a weekend!

Hubby’s birthday weekend and we had a great time. I bought him a new tv for our basement renovation, we went to Hibachi for dinner with both sets of parents, then Saturday we hung out with friends most of the day. Ate soup since the weather was crummy, raced go-karts, and split dessert. So nice.


I’ve never raced go-karts like this before. They topped out at 45mph! It was so much fun. Took me a few laps to figure it out but once I did I had a great time whipping around the track. I did have to wear a size small helmet and ended up getting a booster seat because I’m too short to push the pedals all the way down. Whompwhompshortgirlproblems.

I may have also had raspberry hard cider. Did you know that is really a thing? Because it totally is. Delicious!


We had a race this weekend. There’s going to be a really long story that goes along with it, so stayed tuned for the race report. It’ll be an interesting read.

Running is hard.


I’m trying hard. Hubby and I ran Sunday morning and he left me in the dust. We stuck together the first two miles then I started sucking wind and suffering. We were single file on a road with no shoulder the third mile and he pulled way ahead of me. SO SLOW.

And the worst part- that pace nearly killed me. I was so winded, suffering, struggling. I tried to focus on my form but it’s hard when you’re suffering. I made it, barely. But I am determined. I have two half marathons plus a few more 5k’s on my radar through the end of the year, so I am bound and determined to keep running.

So, since I’m dead set on getting the most out of my training before Empire State I’ll be doing a tempo run tomorrow, intervals Wednesday, spinning Tuesday and Thursday, then a long run on the weekend. And by long run I mean I plan to run for an hour and however much distance I cover is what I’ll cover. I’m leaning towards a one week taper just based on my limited time to train. Fingers crossed I can get myself into semi-half marathon shape in the next four weeks!

Favorite speed workout?

Do you have a running or training buddy? 


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  1. The first couple weeks after a break from running are usually the worst (or at least for me). I think since you have such a solid fitness base, once you get through the first week or so, your paces should spring back to where they were (or at least a lot closer!). A one week taper should be just fine for a half marathon.

    I haven’t been doing any actual speed work right now, except for the occasional fast finish on my long runs. Trying to pick up the pace with tired legs is so much work. I definitely miss intervals and tempo runs.
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