Traipsing, Appointments, and Workouts All Around

Monday, oiy, I am tired. Let’s work last week backwards, shall we?

I spent all weekend gallivanting around Chicago with my Junebugs for the Second Annual Gathering of the Hags. It’s a group of women I originally met on an online forum with a single connecting factor; we were all getting married in June of 2013. And after the weddings we agreed to have en masse get togethers every year. Last year we went to Atlantic City. This year we hit up Chicago and my goodness, how much fun! I did enough walking around for three days to constitute workouts for sure. Anyone who says you can’t make real life connections from the internet is full of it. I adore these ladies and I can’t wait to see them all again next summer.

But for real, we walked about 8-ish miles a day and I stayed all day Sunday too. It was soooooo much fun. I adore my Hags and I can’t wait to see them again next year. I miss them already. And now I have to tend to my feetsies. I got a blisters under one of my toes Friday night that consequently popped and proceeded to rub raw from all the walking. I am a hobble monster today.

Junebugs post Second City. Who put that super preggo gal right in the front =P

Last week also included our anatomy scan. It was wonderful to see little Ellie In The Belly again. After seeing her every two weeks throughout my first trimester, then going nine weeks without an ultrasound, it was such a sweet relief to see her wiggle around the screen. And the best part of the scan, everything looks perfect, mostly. After our scare early in my pregnancy, we were really hoping for a great anatomy scan.

The doctor said everything with her looks great and everything is as it should be, but my umbilical cord only has two vessels. The cord is supposed to have one vein and two arteries but I only have a single artery. This could mean one of two things; a heart problem or restricted growth. The doctor looked through all her heart images and couldn’t find anything wrong, but we have to be deferred to a pediatric cardiologist regardless. So we go for a fetal echocardiogram on August 31st, but the doctor suspects nothing will be found and her heart will be fine. It’s mostly a formality. It also means though, to keep tabs on her growth, I have to have a growth scan at every single appointment from here on out. Currently little girl weighs 13oz and is smack dab in the average ranges for length and weight. But we’ll be monitoring her closly and now instead of starting weekly nonstress tests at 36 weeks I have to start at 32 weeks. So lots of extra appointments and lots of monitoring. A long as she’s healthy though, it will be worth it.


Monday I hit the pool. I did a few 50’s and 100’s and warm up then did a mini endurance pyramid consisting of 100-150-200-150-100 yards. I did a short cool down to hit 1200 yards total. It’s so great to be back in the water, and while I feel like I still have some work to do to get myself back up to speed and get my endurance back on track, I’m cruising right through the water as happy as ever.

Tuesday I went to spin class. Oh my gosh, it was wonderful to be back in class. My pregnancy nose was not all to pleased to be in a tight space with 15 other sweating people, but my body was so happy. I did have to back off my usual level of effort and keep my gear slightly lower than I would normally have it. I’m supposed to keep my heart rate in a certain zone, so I had to be very aware of that. I always keep an eye on it, but more so just to see where I’m at versus what I’m doing. This time I had to watch it to keep it in check. So even though I dialed down my intensity, I still got a good workout in and was super happy to get a hard hour’s workout in on the bike. I did also get lots of stares, because lets be real, I look freaking pregnant! But I don’t care. I out spun the twig girl next to me throwing me shade the whole. So I like to think I’ve still got some athletic life burning in me.

Taken exactly two weeks apart in the same outfit. I’m 18 weeks on the right and 20 on the left. I’m getting enormous!

Wednesday I planned to do the same mini endurance pyramid in the pool, but it was closed. Closed! Why!? The Geneva YMCA is seriously a huge pain in the ass. So difficult to get in there to swim. Consequently, I did not get a formal workout in. Rob and I walked Griswold together in the morning and did just shy of two miles. I took him back out in the evening for another mile. Then when Rob got home from work we went for another walk just shy of a mile. So I did walk over three and half miles out in the sunshine. So that’s what I got in. Even a few miles of walking is better than nothing.

And you know what? Swimming, an hour of intense spinning, and a three and half mile walk, plus all the running around Chicago I did are all under my feet this week. And my ankle feels pretty good! It still has some tenderness and there’s still a bit of swelling just around the bone, but that’s it. I really think that this weekend I’m going to test it out on a run as long as it’s still feeling alright. That would be a full four weeks off running. I’m clearly pretty big now, so we’ll see if I can jump back in looking like a pregnant balloon after four weeks off. This little spill may have been the nail in my running coffin until post baby. But I’ll be dammed if I don’t go out try before throwing in the towel.

This week I’m not entirely sure of what I’m doing. I know today I’m not doing anything. I didn’t get home until after 1am and I am pooped. Tomorrow and Thursday I’m hoping to spin, I’ll swim Wednesday and one other day as well. Then if my ankle is feeling okay I’ll try my mile run loop this weekend. It’s a bit tender though from all the traipsing, so we’ll see.

What were your best and worst workouts of the week?

Anyone ever been to Chicago? What’s your favorite must see there?

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  1. Yay for enjoying spin class and pool time last week! I hope all keeps going will with Ellie 🙂

    Last week was all about the taper for me, squeezing in workouts to keep me sane around my trication and kicking my feet up whenever possible. I have been to Chicago twice, but mostly just to run the marathon and not for site seeing or late night fun. Looks like you all had a blast!!
    Kecia recently posted…1 week ’til Ironman BoulderMy Profile

    1. Taper! Yay! Taper time is so hard yet so exciting! Chicago marathon is supposed to be pretty amazing. I ought to throw that one on the bucket list.

  2. Looks like a very fun trip! I visited Chicago last summer, you should go back when you can visit some of the breweries! I drank lots of tasty beer while I was there.

    I hope your doctor’s suspicions are correct and there are no heart issues.
    Heather recently posted…Side Stitch FixMy Profile

    1. As much as I saved a lot of money not drinking this weekend, I definitely missed out on some yumminess. I’d love to visit again when I’m not all sorts of pregnant.

    1. You should definitely go if G is down there! There is a ton to do and plenty of places to go run.

      And thanks! I don’t feel very fabulous, but I’m trying, haha.

  3. Haha I love that the girl next to you was throwing shade. She wishes she was badass enough to do spin while being pregnant! And Ellie looks so happy in there, it looks like she’s smiling!
    Kristen recently posted…Lost Lake Trail RecapMy Profile

    1. Seriously, I don’t know what that girl’s deal was! I hope she’s smiling and happy =)

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