Treacherous Training

The strangest thing happened to me yesterday.

I picked Finley up from the bike shop and boy did she look shiny and nice. I didn’t realize how gunked up her drivetrain was until they brought her out. Looked brand new. Lesson learned, I need to be better about washing and lubing the chain and gears myself.

2012 Felt B16
I may have brought Finley back to work with me after I picked her up too.

I figured I ought to take her out for a short spin, make sure everything was in good working order and get in one last good ride before Sunday, so I opted to jump in on the tri club’s nightly ride. I didn’t even mind that I fell back a few miles in since I wasn’t out to ride hard, just cruise along and shake my legs out some.

Just shy of about seven miles in, after a bit of hard climbing, we stopped at a crossroad. The club member leading the ride gave us the low down on the rest of the route, but I opened my mouth and said I was going to turn off here and head back into town. They asked if I was sure a few times and I waved them on to go on without me. The funny thing was that I felt fine up until this point, but once my feet hit the ground I suddenly didn’t feel good. It was like my equilibrium was thrown off and I got dizzy. And for me dizziness is always accompanied by nausea. The club took off and I plopped my butt down on the ground. Another member hung back with me to make sure I was okay. He’s also racing IMCuse on Sunday and didn’t feel like doing pace lines up the back country hills. I got up and down off the ground a few times and he offered to swing back to his house that was only about a mile down the road to get his car and drive me home. I insisted I’d be fine to get myself home. And evidently I was. Once I got back up on my bike I felt fine again and got home perfectly okay.

Just very strange the way it happened. Usually I ride with my phone on me. But my bento box was off since my bike had been in the shop all weekend and I didn’t wear anything with pockets. I figured riding with ten other people meant not having my phone would be okay since I wear a Road ID. But this was one of the few times I felt like I wish I had had my phone on me and one of the very few times I may have actually used it if I did have it.

Road ID
Road ID is essentially for all athletes. If you don’t have one yet you absolutely should get one. First responders check for them and there’s an app that will alert your loved ones if you’ve stopped moving for too long. There’s a link for Road ID on my side bar. Buy yourself or your loved one some safety and peace of mind!

So the moral of the story is always have your phone on you. Or ride with a friend. It was nice that one of my tri club buddies hung with me until I was good to go. The good news is once I slurped down some Nuun and took a shower I was feeling better. A double serving of Wegmans Super Pasta with some EVOO and I’m feeling fine now. My guess is that I was low in in some kind of electrolyte that caused me to react the way I did. I’ve upped my water intake and so I may swig some Vega Sports drink half way through the day between now and Sunday and see if that helps. Fingers crossed this was just a weird fluke.

Ever gotten dizzy or sick during a workout? Thoughts on the cause or how to nix it?
Do you have a Road ID? Ever had to use it?

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  1. Glad you’re okay! It was nice of him to hang back with you! (My friends may or may not have haha …). I rarely have my phone on me when I run so if I ever feel sick, I kinda have to suck it up and walk/crawl home.

    I have a road ID and I try my best to have it on every time I run but sometimes I forget 🙁 or misplace it since it’s so small! 🙁

    1. I never run with my phone so I feel you there on the crawl home, ha. As for the RoadID, I actually wear mine 24/7. You just never know.

  2. Yikes! I’m glad you had a friend with you! I got dizzy during a run a few weeks ago and that was because I wasn’t hydrated properly and it was too hit outside. A Road ID is a must!! I need to get a new one because my husbands cell number changed, but thankfully I’ve never had to use it! I washed my bike over the weekend and didn’t realize how dirty my chain was either :/

    1. Glad you’ve never had to use your Road ID. I haven’t either thankfully, but the peace of mind is nice.

  3. I am so glad you got to feeling better and made it home safely! I am also glad you gave a plug to Road ID. I think it is one of the most important things we can wear when we are out training. I have never had to “use” it, but I always try to wear mine and encourage others to do the same!
    Lee@tri*inspired*life recently posted…Ironman Lake Placid Training Week #17My Profile

    1. I always encourage people to get one. Even if you never use it it’s such a good thing to have.

  4. I have never gotten sick or dizzy while riding, but there have been times when I wanted to pretend as though I were injured so that I would not have to finish the ride, haha. My phone is with me at all times when I’m riding or doing long runs. Perhaps you were dehydrated or hadn’t had enough to eat before the ride? That is really odd that you would feel that way – I hope it was just a fluke!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Ironman 70.3 Boise Race Recap: Bike, Run, and CelebrationMy Profile

    1. I hope it was a fluke too! I’ve been feeling fine since so it must have been a fueling issue. Thankfully it was a short training workout and I was only a few miles from home.

    1. Nuun rocks! Glad you’ve only had to deal with it once and were able to over come it. Hopefully a one time thing for sure.

  5. I had a scary experience in a marathon race where they ran out of water early on and by mid race I was dizzy and delusional, not something I want to relive. But I totally know how you felt. I am glad you are on the road to recovery, keep pounding those liquids and stay out of a sun for a few days and you should recoup quickly:) Love your bike by the way!!!!
    Kristy @Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…There is never a challenge too bigMy Profile

    1. How do they run out of water!? That’s so crazy. My bike was a total impulse buy, haha.

      1. Well as wonderful as volunteers are, they can also be a little unskilled when it comes to hydration, they were only filling the cups with 1 inch of water and being Maui runners were taking 3-5 cups early on, so they ran out of cups by the middle of the pack. Some stations dumped the water out (???dumb) because they figured it was useless since their were no cups. A lot of complaints were made to the race, and I believe they now educate and train their volunteers on how to fill water cups and to keep the water:)
        Impulse buys are the best sometimes!!!!
        Kristy @Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…Lacking in pre-workout energy?My Profile

  6. I was really kicking myself for not bringing my phone with me when I had to hobble the last two miles of my 7 mile run a few weeks ago. I’m glad your feeling better.
    Heather recently posted…Injury Update 2My Profile

    1. I’ve definitely been there before, hurting during a run and just having to suck it up and hobble home. Always sucks!

  7. Oh man, that is scary, I am glad you started feeling better fairly quick! I got dizzy once after a super hot (90+ degree run) I think I was dehydrated, it was scary. I was really dizzy and started to get the chills. Thankfully I was with my running team and they got me water and stayed with me until I was feeling better. From then on, I made sure to have extra water on me and drink electrolytes before long runs in the heat. I have had my Road ID now for a while and I never take it off, my co-workers ask me about it a lot since its Green and stands out and I explain what it is and why its important. Everyone who works out should have one…heck, everyone should have one period regardless of whether they work out or not!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…The story of the Silver Bullet (& our goodbye story)My Profile

    1. I agree that everyone should wear a Road ID regardless of whatever. You never know when something might happen and that information could save your life. And that’s exactly why Hubs and I wear ours 24/7.

  8. First of all, I am so glad you are ok… That’s so scary what happened… Getting dizzy and feeling like you did is never fun. I have been meaning to get a RoadID for years now and I need to stop putting it off… It’s so important to have your emergency contact info on you! Thanks for reminding me about how important it is. Unfortunately, I am no stranger to feeling nauseas and dizzy when training and racing. I have hypoglycemia and my blood pressure runs really low. I also have a very low resting heart rate. All of these things combined cause me to feel dizzy… A lot… I also suffer nausea when I push myself too hard. My race last weekend I was actually very nauseas and dizzy when I finished… It was awful! You might want to have your blood sugar levels tested… Just in case:)
    Kristin @ SweatCourage recently posted…Patriot Half Ironman- The Bike!My Profile

    1. That’s a smart idea too! I’ll have to see if my tri club would be down for swapping information.

    1. That would be so scary! Kudos to you for being such a kickass runner while having asthma. That must be an extra challenge sometimes.

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