Tri, Because Nothing Comes Easy

The spoils. Food. Goodness. 

Tuesday was kind of a mess for me. I got a 3.5 mile HIIT run in in the morning. I had signed up for spinning but realized I had to go to a training in Syracuse in the afternoon. Scratch that off the list. I thoughts I might make it back for the tri club’s Yasso 800’s run, but that didn’t happen either. 

Instead I went out to dinner with my mom. I showed up at my parents house after my training and their kitchen is ripped apart. They’re getting a new one and were currently having their new walls mudded. No home cooked meal for me. 

My beautiful mommy took me out to Avicolli’s instead. So much chicken parm and alfredo. Mmmmm. So bad for making race weight. 

This seems like a totally legit suggestion. And I totally missed the grammatical error in that before I slapped my signature on it. Oh well. 

Back to being good today. Time to work it out. 

I’m working on not negotiating my workouts with myself this week. I do this thing where I’m all fired up before bed thinking about what I have planned for my morning workout. Then I roll out of bed in the wee hours of the morining, in the pitch black, and start negotiating with myself. 

Five mile run? Ehhhh. Okay, if I just get myself to the gym and on the treadmill I’ll do four. That’ll be fine. 

*steps into gym and onto treadmill* 

Stupid treadmill. Why is it cold outside still? This is super boring. Okay, just 5k, that’s my base so it’s fine. 

This is a very normal mental morning routine for me and I need to cut it out. So this morning I had planned a one hour spin. And my brain immediately started bartering with me as soon as I rolled out of bed. 

How about just 45 minutes? This is boring, the gym is boring. How about 30? 

But I toughed it out and did the full hour and felt good. And on the topic of bartering with myself, I really want to go to the tri club run tonight. It’s an 8 mile run with 4 miles at tempo. This would be very beneficial to me. But my freaking hot spot is killing me! Two days in a row of running and my arch is all like “HELL NO”. Only two days in a row. C’mon body, we used to run seven days a week. As in every day. What happened???

So I spent a disgusting amount of money on Brooks running socks and athletic tape. I started getting the hotspot when I changed brands of running socks, so I figured since I love my Brooks running shoes I’d give their socks a go. I taped right over my hotspot this morning for the bike and it definitely helped. 

So yeah, about that 8 mile tempo run. We’ll see. Negotiating? Maybe, but I’d like to not bleed out mid run either. 

That’s right. And that’s why I should go to the tri club’s run. If I’m in too much pain I can always cut early. And my running has been taking a serious back seat lately and I miss it so.

Also, I heard this this morning in the last minute of my spin and it was so perfect to end my workout on-

The link to the poem. Keep inspiring yourself! 

Ideas for dealing with my hotspot?
What gets in your way when you’re trying to accomplish something? Ever negotiate with yourself? 
Favorite dish at an Italian restaurant? 

7 Replies to “Tri, Because Nothing Comes Easy”

  1. Have you tried those Dr. Schols (sp?) gel disks? I have heard good things about them. I negotiate with myself a lot, I tell myself when I have a long run that I will re-evaluate after a certain distance and then with the exception of one bad long run, I keep going. Seems to work for me, so far! 🙂 My favorite dish is Chicken Parm, I rarely ever eat chicken, so its a treat for me.

  2. Never had to deal with hotspots – guess I should be thankful?! I run in Adidas socks that are pretty minimal – they get the job done without issue though, so I won’t be switching up any time soon. Negotiate? Oh hellz yes…every morning – my alarm goes off at 4:30am and the little tri devil on my shoulder says,”you don’t have to get this is now, stay in bed and do both workouts tonight!”…..he usually wins out every time. Especially since I’ve been going to bed late due to all this Olympic madness! My fav Italian dish by far is pumpkin ravioli….ridiculous!

    1. I always ran in Adidas socks and never had an issue. I bought my current ones, Danskin (enough said I guess) because I was unemployed and broke and couldn’t afford the Adidas. Lesson learned.

      Mmmm, pumpkin ravioli! That sounds amazing.

  3. You run so much. Or maybe not, but it sounds like it to a non-runner 🙂 I do make deals with myself all the time and I usually just feel guilty about it in the end 🙁

  4. I’ve been negotiating with myself all flipping winter. Today I hit rock bottom in terms of lack of motivation. But I got most of my workout done and ultimately that’s what matters.

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