Tri Talk Tuesday – 5 Tips for Picking a Tri Kit

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! It’s time to link up with Miranda from The Cupcake Triathlete and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What again!

Today we’re talking about what to wear. Or what not to wear if you’d rather turn the tables that way. But either way, it’s all about fashion today. 

I’ve talked before about the ins and outs of what to wear for a triathlon. So instead, today, let’s focus on what to look for when picking out a tri kit.

There’s tons of options out there and a heck of a lot of brands to pick from. Deciding can get confusing and frustrating. And with tri specific tops, bottoms, and suits being kind of pricey, a wrong choice can leave you uncomfortable both physically and financially. 

1. Fit!
The fit should be key. Tri wear is supposed to be tight. Tightness means no drag in the water or on the bike and you also reap the benefits of compression. If you’re body conscious this is a hard pill to swallow, but a tri kit that feels and acts like a second skin will provide you the most benefit. That being said, make sure your comfortable, physically and mentally. They leave pretty much nothing to the imagination. 

2. One Piece or Two
Tri kits can be two pieces, separate shorts and top, or a one piece singlet. Which option you got with is ultimately a personal decision based on your comfort and needs. Two pieces can be mixed and matched and make going to the bathroom much easier. One pieces don’t ride up, which is a common compliant, but mean stripping all the way down to potty. The decision is yours, but know you have options!

3. Sleeves and Short Lengths
The next thing to figure out is if you want sleeves, sleeveless, or tank top style tops. I personally like tank tops and sleeveless tops, but that’s my preference for all my workout tops. As for the bottoms, the shorts will come in a variety of inseams, so figure out the length you find most comfortable. I like mid thigh length shorts best. Again, it’s all preference. 

4. Built in Bra
Gentlemen, feel free to skip this step. Ladies, the built in bra feature is fantastic. For someone like myself who is lacking a bit in the boob department, this means I don’t have to wear a sports bra at all under my top. For those more well endowed than myself, you can toss your favorite quick drying sports bra under the built in for extra support. Those puppies won’t be bouncing with the double lock down!

5.Additional Features
Some things to look for that make your kit more functional! This might be things like pockets on the shorts or the top and rubber along the bottom leg seam to hold your shorts in place. I love having pockets on my tops and it is a deal breaker when tops don’t come with them. I load my fuel right into those pockets so I don’t have to wear my bulky fuelbelt. Also, that rubber inside the seam means your shorts are held in place by the rubber, not by how tight they are. This means no more mushroom bulge above the seam of your shorts. Yes please!

And now that you know what to look for, go shopping you crazy triathletes! If you buy from you can get 15% off your order using code TRIGC14, so buy yourself something nice.

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What do you look for in a tri kit?
Favorite brand or type of kit?
Do you race in something other than a triathlon specific gear? Share!

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  1. I’ve been racing in a two piece these last two years as well but just received my first one piece suit 2xu Compression suit today! So excited to try it on tonight. Let’s hope it doesn’t accentuate all those nasty areas my two piece has been able to “disguise”. 🙂

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