Tri Talk Tuesday – Burn Out

Holla, it’s Tuesday, again. Today it’s just myself and Cynthia holding down the fort. For those of you who missed it Miranda is on an indefinite blogging hiatus. Sadness. So we say farewell to our cupcake baking triathlete buddy and in a few weeks we may see another new face pop in to start co-hosting. But won’t you just have to wait and be surprised to see who it is!

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We’ll be getting a new one of these for those of you who use it

Today we’re talking about burn out. You know, that feeling of tired, exhaustion, loss of motivation. That thing that just sucks the life force and determination right out of you? Yeah, that.

Burn out happens for lots of reason; life, stress, over training, work conflicts, injury, boredom, and other things. And most people experience burn out from time to time. After all, we’re not all professional athletes who focus on training as not only a life style but as their job to boot.

And not to mention burnout can come with some nasty side effects too, like changes in your mental and emotional though processes around training or racing, slips in you diet, moodiness, loss of sleep, feeling unsatisfied with yourself and just loss of motivation.

So how do you get back into a groove when you’re feeling burnt out?


1. Recover- Most training or racing burn out is caused by over training. Take a few days completely off. Heck take a whole week off if you just had a hectic season or long course race. Recovery is soooo important, don’t let this one slide. Sometimes backing off is all we need to jump back in full steam.

2. Vary Your Training- Sometimes we just get sick of doing the same thing over and over. If you’re struggling to convince yourself to get in the pool or on your bike, then change things up. Go to yoga, pilates, spinning, bootcamp class, TRX, whatever. Just do something new and exciting.

3. Relax- Sometimes stress can be a huge contributing factor to feeling burnt out. Learning some relaxation techniques or learning when to work on dialing down the stress is a great thing. Keeping that life-training balance is tough, but doable. Sometimes we just need to slow down and figure it out.

4. Assess Your Schedule- Make sure you didn’t bite off more than you can chew. Sometimes we get a little clikc happy with the registration button and end up with a season that is too intense. Make sure the number of races you sign up for is appropriate for the distance they cover; 1-2 Ironmans per year, 2-4 half Ironmans per year, no more than 8 sprint/Oly’s per year, etc. You need recovery time after each race, so make sure there’s enough space in between races to allow for full recoveries.

5. Treat Yourself- If you really need a boost, sometimes new gear can make a big difference. A new cute tri kit, GPS watch, bluetooth headphones, whatever. You’d be amazed at how something as simple a a new toy or cute workout outfit can change your whole perspective.

How do you deal with training or racing burn out?

Favorite new toy you recently bought yourself?

Next week’s Tri Talk Tuesday theme is Road Cycling! Sharing the road with cars, staying safe, and cycling our booties off!

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    1. Yeah, too long of a training period is killer. I’ve definitely done that to myself before too!

  1. Such perfect timing with this post! I’m feeling especially worn down this week. Fortunately this is a cutback week, so hopefully the reduced mileage and some extra rest takes care of that.

    Although some new gear definitely wouldn’t hurt either 🙂
    Heather @ShoesRun50 recently posted…A Tale of LazinessMy Profile

    1. Yay for recovery weeks! You’ve been doing some serious long runs, so I’m not surprised you’re tired!

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