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Racing, what summer was intended for. I might not be doing a whole lot of it this year, but I’m definitely missing it and dreaming of when I can race again next year. So to quell my non-racing sads, this Tri Talk Tuesday is all about all my favorite races.

I’m all linked up with Cynthia and Phaedra and our topic today is general Triathlon Favorites, so read on for a list of my favorite races, then link up whatever it is you love about triathlon!


1. Iron Girl Syracuse will always be a favorite of mine. It was my very first triathlon and this is my first time in four years that I’m missing it. They even offered me to be an ambassador this year and it broke my heart to decline. But I plan to be back there next year. IGCuse was the race that taught me that anything is possible with enough hard work and dedication. It made me realize I am capable of anything I put my mind to. It’s a fantastically first timer friendly race and I would suggest it in a heart beat anyone who is interested in doing their first triathlon.

2. The Rat Snake Reverse Triathlon, which is a race like none other. Aside from being run backwards, the distances are obsecure but intentional and meaningful. The race starts with a technically challenging 18k trail run, followed by a 29 mile bike course with hills that bring even the strongest cyclists to their knees. It’s the only time I’ve ever had to dismount my bike because a hill was too much for me, and I was one of many (almost every single participant) to walk a good section of the bike course. The race concludes with a 26 yard “swim” which is never deeper then just above the knee. I forgot to take my helmet off and everything. It’s an excruciatingly challenging early season triathlon that deserves a place on everyone’s bucket list.

Seriously difficult race, but I finished smiling, helmet in hand!

3. The Musselman Triathlon weekend. Yes, I am listing the whole weekend. I may be biased because it’s held in my current home town, Geneva NY which is the heart of NY wine country and super stunning. The race is nationally acclaimed and has won many accolades. It’s just a spectacular race weekend. Friday night consists of a kids triathlon complete with open water lake swim and the Micro Mussel, which is a super sprint where the bike leg is done on suped up tricycle or any other ridiculous wheeled object you can pedal or move forward by the power of your own two legs. It’s is hilarious and raucous and such a fun night.

4. Seneca7 may not be a triathlon, but it’s definitely one of my favorite races. It’s a Ragnar style relay, but shorter at only 77.7 miles. You have a team of seven people who can either use a vehicle or bike into between running legs. Everyone runs three legs to make a full loop around beautiful Seneca Lake through New York wine country. It’s an amazingly beautiful race but with some challenging climbs and terrain over different legs. I’ve done this race a few times now and I’ll keep doing it as long as I can find myself a team to hop into.


5. It’s a Wonderful Run 5k is such a great season closing race. It’s run through historical Seneca Falls NY, starting on the bridge that was used in It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s a crowded race for a 5k, so you can’t go in expecting to PR, but the whole town decorates and sits out on the edge of their driveways cheering. The snow is falling and everything is lite up and beautiful. I couldn’t imagine any other December race that would make me happier to close out my racing season with.

I’ve done a lot of races in my years, but these are just a few of my favorites. I’m excited to add more to my repertoire and continue to grow this list!

Do you have a favorite race? Tell us about it!

Tri Talk Tuesday will be back again on Tuesday, August 25 and our theme for that week will be Race Day Tips and Tricks. Have a related post? Come join the conversation!

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  1. That Rat Snake Tri sounds very interesting! Also the Musselman races. I think you must be a little North of me but those would all be driveable events. P.S. the inLinkz isn’t open for collection yet – I’ll share my tri favorites with you once it is
    Kelli recently posted…TriTalk Tuesday: Triathlon FavoritesMy Profile

    1. It’s open now! I’m in Geneva NY. Glad I could offer up some new, driveable event ideas for you.

    1. Come down for it! I love a mile from transition. We could hang out and rave together 🙂

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