Tri Talk Tuesday – Gear To Get You Aero

It’s Tuesday. The sun is shining and birds are singing. July is half way over some how already, but that’s okay.

Tuesday means one thing, my favorite thing, Tri Talk Tuesday!


Today we’re chatting aerodynamics. When you talk about aerodynamics in triathlon it’s primarily centered around the bike portion, although aerodynamics in the water are important too. In the water the best thing you can do to improve is form, form, and more form! Tighten up that form so you can swim straight and tight and smooth.

But when it comes to the bike, there’s a bit more you can do. Most of it comes in the form of cycling accessories. Looking to get more aero? Here are a few things you can get to help you get your aero on.

1. Aero helmets are a great place to start when it comes to getting some aero equipment. The Giro Air Attack won’t break the bank or leave you looking like an alien, so it’s a nice one to consider. Not concerned about the alien tail? Then go ahead and shop around! Rudy Project Wingspan is a more traditional looking aero helmet, but you really should hit up your local bike shop too to try on some options and find something that fits your head and your needs.

2. Aero bars, if you’re on a road bike, are also an inexpensive option to get you into a more aggressive position on the bike. There are clip on aero bars meant to be add on attachments to road bikes and they’re much less expensive than a new bike. Granted they will not get you into the same position as a TT will, but they’ll get you more aerodynamic and more triathlon race ready, so a lot of people love them. Profile Design makes a few options and are considered one of the better brand name options on the market for those looking to add onto their existing roadie.

3. Race wheels are next on my list! There are a ton of options for race wheels and this is something I highly suggest you do your homework on. Whether you want clinchers or tubluars, deep dish or just ultra lightweight, full carbon or carbon with aluminum braking surfaces, and the list goes on. Do your due diligence and ask lots of questions at your bike shop before making your selection. Some common race wheel brands include Zipp and Reynolds, although there is a lot out there, so shop around!

4. A new bike or bike fit. Getting a new bike is super exciting! But unless you’re willing to drop a few grand, I wouldn’t put this too high on the list. I loved when I upgraded to my Felt TT, but it’ll likely be my last bike purchase for, like, ever. You can always opt for a new bike fit. Take your bike into  your trusty bike shop and tell them you want a more aggressive fit and they’ll make you into an aerodynamic machine for way less than a new a bike will run you. Or, ya know, if you’re feeling frisky and rich just buy a new bike. No pressure =)

Aerodynamic TT bike is Griswold approved.

Being more aero means gaining speed. And who doesn’t like to be faster? And while you should always be working on your engine (read: you and you strength and abilities) buying a little free speed is always fun. So start penciling in some must have items for yourself. Or head on over to and get 15% off all your aero goodies with coupon code TRIGIRL15.

Tri Talk Tuesday will be back again on Tuesday July 27th and our theme for two weeks from now is Hot Weather Training! Summer is upon us, so learn how to beat the heat or come offer up your own suggestions! Either way, come join the conversation =)

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    1. Ugh, I know! I want race wheels so badly! I’m in a few swap groups and hope to pick some up second hand to help defer the cost. I’m hoping to swing it next year, but who knows.

    1. Definitely need to try things on. Different brands fit differently and offer various degrees of comfort.

    1. I’d be so nervous to rent! Do they give you everything you need in case you flat?

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