Tri Talk Tuesday – Goals

Well, hello Tuesday, nice to see you again! As per usual I am linked up with Cynthia from You Signed Up For What and Miranda from The Cupcake Triathlete for another exciting edition of Tri Talk Tuesday!

Today we’re shifting focus a bit from the physical side of the sport to something I personally view as more emotional- Goals.

Everyone has goals in life for a variety of things like education, careers, life, whatever it may be. When we think about our fitness goals things like running that first mile, running a first 5k, heck even completing a first marathon or sprint triathlon come to mind. Goals can come in all shapes and sizes and people pick their goals for so many reasons, typically ones that feel personal to them. 

I have a crazy bucket list of races I’d love to check off one by one over my life. Some may never get completed, a few are already scratched off, and the list is always growing and changing. But that bucket list isn’t full of goals. No, goals and bucket list items are not the same. 

Having a goal gives me something to work towards. It motivates me and keeps me focused and in some instances sane. So, what is a goal then?

A goal should always be attainable. If it’s something so far beyond your reach that you won’t be getting there any time in the distance future, you’re reaching too far (read: add it to your bucket list). If you can’t accomplish a goal then you’re setting yourself up to fail. And while I truly believe failure is an option, you should never intentionally put yourself there. 

I also truly believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, but in due time with the right steps of progression. If you can’t run a single mile then registering for a marathon is probably going to end up a disaster. But registering for a 5k, accomplishing that, then moving on to say a 10k, is realistic and very doable for anyone. Again, do not set yourself up to fail. This will end in lost motivation, hurt feelings, “I can’t’s” and dropping goals in favor of a defeatist attitude. However, if you set a realistic goal then fail, there are lessons to be learned that will propel you forward instead of side lining you. 

You should feel excited about any goal you put in place for yourself. If your goal doesn’t motivate you, then what intrinsic value do you gain? And I’m not saying it should motivate you 110% forever and always. Follow any fitness blogger and you’ll see many-a-meltdowns mid training cycle. Heck, I felt this way last week. No one is perfect and if you try to tell me you’re all rainbows and happiness through an entire training cycle then I call bullshit. But really, you should feel pride and motivation as you move towards a fitness goal. That motivation brings on the greatest feeling of accomplishment when you finally cross that finish line and it’s unlike anything else. A great goal not only motivates me through training but always inspires me to reach for more. 

So, my goals. The obvious being Ironman 70.3 Syracuse in a mere five weeks. Because after all, that’s basically all I’ve talked about for like, ever, at this point, right? ANd to be honest, if I can do it sub-7 hours I’d be thrilled! I think it’s doable as long as the weather cooperates, I don’t panic in the water, and my bike doesn’t have any mechanical issues.

A couple other goals of mine are to run a sub-2 hour half marathon, which should be doable this fall with two on my schedule. I’d also like to place top ten in my age group at Iron Girl Syracuse in August. And of course, IRONMAN. I want so badly to run an Ironman. And it IS a goal, not a bucket list item. I will reach that triathlon nirvana of hearing Mile Reilly call out my name and proclaim me an Ironman. 

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What is your current triathlon goal?
Do you have a bucket list of races you’d like to run some day?

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10 Replies to “Tri Talk Tuesday – Goals”

  1. Awesome goals! I can’t wait to read your report about IM Cuse. I bet you’ll do great. Good luck with the remainder of the training. Thanks for hosting the Tri Talk each week. It’s been great getting to know you ladies.

  2. Great post!! It is so true that a goal needs to ‘scare’ you but be attainable. The idea of another 70.3 is giving me butterflies of excitement, but I just don’t know if the timing is right for me to train.

  3. Great tip on staggering your goals (starting with a 5k, the moving up to 10k, etc)… You need small victories to keep you going.

    Amazing that you are able to complete an Ironman.. I am in awe.

  4. I also have the goal of doing a sub-2 half marathon. I am thinking, of doing Iron Girl Syracuse again. It was my first and second triathlon and I think training for the IM 70.3 in Florida next Spring will make the sprint easy. LOL! I would really like to compare my times too.

    I can’t wait to read your IM Syracuse story. Where is the race, at the same place as Iron Girl?

  5. My tri goal is to finish my first tri this August! As for my bucket list–I’m starting to look at 70.3’s for 2016 and I’m leaning toward Miami. Good luck with a sub-2 hr half–it’s such a great feeling when it happens I remember tearing up at the finish line!

  6. I love the sound of your goals! You are going to love the 70.3 distance and I am so excited for you. I agree about goals being attainable… it is important because you don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment. I think it’s great to dream BIG, but you also need to be realistic.. at least this is what I tell myself:) I look forward to following your training!

  7. Great point distinguishing between goals and bucket list items. A lot of my bucket list items are more like “I hope” whereas my goals are “I will”. When I set a goal, I put everything I have into making sure I do my best to succeed. Big and little goals seem so important in triathlon, as a race can seem weeks away and out of sight. Having those little goals and milestones each week keeps me energized. By goal is to finish (first and foremost) 70.3 Boise and do well in the swim, which is my biggest fear to overcome.

  8. Hey there, found you through You Signed up for What?! Good luck at Syracuse! I love the IronGirl races – have done Columbia and Rocky Gap. I’m doing Augusta 70.3 this September – looking forward to a summer full of long rides! And get after that sub-2 half…friend of mine just ran her first sub-2 – a 1:53 on a nice flat course!

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