Tri Talk Tuesday – Race Prep

Tuesday again and I’m back to chatting triathlony goodness with Cynthia from You Signed Up For What. Miranda is on her way back from Lake Placid and will be back to chatting next week.


Today’s topic, in honor of Cynthia trying to get herself together to travel many states away to participate in the New York City Triathlon, we’re talking about race prep and logistics! This can mean a lot, but today I’m going to keep things somewhat basic go through some things that can prepare you for a kickass race!


So, what kind of prepping do you need to be successful?

1. Make sure you have everything you need- Triathlons have a ton of stuff associated with them. It’s basically three sports rolled into one and the amount of gear required can make anyone’s head spin. Make sure you have a good checklist and pack at least one day before so you have time to remember things. I have a system of laying out all my gear slowly over the course of the day prior to a race so I can see the pile for a good 24 and continually add to it as I go. If you need a checklist you can print off my triathlon checklist that I use.

2. Work out travel arrangements in advance and know where you’re going- if you’re traveling for a race makes sure you make appropriate arrangements early on. Also make sure you know your way from your accommodations to the race site including how long it might take you to there and whether or not you’ll be fighting traffic.

3. Read the athlete’s guide and know your race rules- Most triathlons will be governed by USA Triathlon, which means they follow a set of strict rules that you can read up on at the USAT website. But your specific race will also send you an athlete’s guide. Even if you’ve done dozens of races, still take a few minutes to read through it. Different races will have different rules for some things such as when you can and can’t drop your bike off, time tables, transition rules, drafting, etc. Plus most, if not all races, will have a pre race briefing either before the start or the day before. It’s really good to go to these so you know rules about drafting penalties or whether or not you’re allowed to grab a kayak in the water, or other things like that. Last thing you want to pick up a penalty or DQ because you missed something you should have known.

Know the rules. It will help you have a safe and successful race.

4. Fuel and hydrate properly in the days leading up to race day-  This can honestly make or break a race. Not being well hydrated and properly fueled with good, clean, appropriate foods can really take a toll on you on race day. So get some ideas for how to eat and hydrate the right way then make sure you have a solid plan in place for your race day nutrition too.

As sad as it may make you, vodka cranberries don’t count as race hydration.

5. Stay positive and have fun- Racing is supposed to be fun, so even though it may be nerve wrecking, make sure you remember that. If you’re traveling or trying to prep for your first race, a new distance, and podium spot, whatever, don’t let the little things that you can’t control consume you. And don’t let the logistics and planning that it may take to get there overshadow what you really intend to take away from your experience.

Hopefully some of this helps ease the process of figuring out logistics and prepping for race day. It’s easy to get caught up in the build up, but don’t let that derail you from your end goal of the race itself.

Any good tips for prepping for race day and not getting overwhelmed by the process?

Favorite off season adult beverage?

Next week’s theme is Lessons Learned! What have you learned from racing? It can be from racing or training in general or something you’ve learned from a specific race. 

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  1. Favorite off season adult beverage: wine, preferably sweet.

    I make a list of everything I might need and make sure to check it off as I pack it. I also try to drive from my accomodations (my house or a hotel) to the race site the day before so I know the route.
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  2. What’s off season? ha ha ha. KIDDING. I don’t usually shun alcohol when I’m training but I do limit it to a beer or two a week. That’s it. And of course, I stay away from it the day before the race. in terms of prepping, I am a list maker so I make a list of every possible thing I’m going to need and I cross it off as it goes in the bag. That way I have something tangible to tell me that yes in fact, you DID pack that because it’s crossed off your list, when I inevitably think OH wait, did I pack that?!!?!
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