Trust Your Training

Well, the week is drawing to a close and my schedule has once again had to remain flexible in terms of my training. I am not a professional athlete, working out is not my job, sadly. So when life calls, that’s that. But overall things are progressing right along and I should no doubt end my final build week on a high note.

I think the biggest issue I’m facing right now is my own mind. I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I’m at the end of my training and what I’ve put in up until this point is basically all I get. The work I’ve done the last 14 weeks is all I have to carry my from start to finish at Syracuse in a couple of short weeks from now. And I know, trust your training, blahblahblah. I trust it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t question it.


And all my training will culminate Sunday when I go out and ride the Syracuse bike course. That will be my last long ride, last long workout, and my only shot at getting to ride the bike course in advance. Knowing what I’m up against after this weekend should help calm my mind. Also, getting my booty into open water today should also be a huge help. I need to know all the hard work I’ve put in in the pool over the last however many months is finally paying off. Plus, ya know, sighting and murky water and waves and chop and other people and trying out my new wet suit and all those skills that are needed for open water swimming. Those too.

Plus there are three other women from my triathlon FB group doing Syracuse too and we’ve made a date meet up the day before the race to do a short test swim, drive the bike course, and walk the monster hill that forces even the most elite athletes to walk. So I’m really hoping that I will be going into IMCuse with some confidence and knowing what I’m facing.

Ever go into something questioning yourself?
Tell me about a time you had to trust your training.

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  1. I’m going through that now. I still have a few months to train for my event, but I go through phases of, “I’ve got this, I’m going to be prepared” one day to “Is this going to be enough? Will I really be ready?” the next day. At the end of the day/week/month/training plan, I just have to accept that I’ve done what I can do and put in my best effort.
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    1. You’re going to dominate the Ultra Beast! You’re working so hard, I know you’re going to be amazing!

    1. Thanks! And I’ll be cheering you on for sure too. Love the triathlon love!

  2. Wait one minute! I did NOT agree to walk the monster hill an extra time…when did I miss this crazy plan? Lol

    1. We don’t have to walk up it! But we did agree to go on and see what horrid thing we’re up against. I’d like to be prepared =P

  3. You got this girl!! I know “trust your training” is trite but it’s true, even if it doesn’t helpright now! Something that helps me is watching inspirational videos or watching elite races. It gets me pumped and helps me visualize myself on race day and “channel” them haha
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    1. Awesome idea! I might have to scour youtube for some videos these next two weeks to pump me up.

    1. Thank you, thank you! It always helps hearing it from others too =)

  4. I don’t know about trusting my training. Usually I worry that I haven’t done enough. What you need to have is faith in your ability to handle whatever comes up in the race. Riding the course ahead of time is a great move. Good luck and go for it. You’re right. We are all capable of much more than we think.

    1. I agree about the faith thing! There will be a lot of things beyond my control on race day and I can only hope to handle those things with grace and skill. Thank you!

  5. I can absolutely relate to this in every way. I went into Boise 70.3 completely blind for what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know what to expect putting all three sports and distances together in one big haul. If anything, it was a learning experience. The moment you get into the water at Syracuse, you will be fine. I highly HIGHLY recommend using the wetsuit strippers. They will have that thing off you in the blink of an eye. You are going to do awesome, Courtney!
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