Unmotivated Monday

Holy crap, today is not my day. Running on maybe five hours of very restless and disrupted sleep has left me cranky, moody, and incapable of doing anything right. I’ve screwed up all my weekly paperwork for work, filled out my monthly calendar incorrectly, and I’m misplacing everything. I’m surprised I managed to even dress myself today. Wow. Not a happy camper. Nope, nope, nope. 

The weekend was decent at least. Rob and I went to Comedy Night at Club 86 with our neighbors, one of whom happens to be one of his zumba instructors. The food was meh, but we had a great time getting all gussied up, laughing at the comedians, and actually attempting to make friends our own age. We’ve only live here going on four years now, might be time to try and make friends, yes?

In other news, I had swim clinic with my tri club yesterday. I swam a personal best on distance at 2200 meters. My only complaint is my lane mates are significantly slower than me, so I have a hard time completing the longer distance drills because I have to stop and let the slower people pull ahead of me so I don’t swim over them. But all said and done, it’s nice to swim with a bunch of like minded people with a coach keeping tabs on us. And our coach said he’ll be at the pool T/W/TH mornings from now on for anyone who wants additional coaching. Uh, yes please. So I’m really excited about the whole free swim coach thing I have going on right now. Especially since I’m a pretty lousy swimmer. 

This week marks 16 weeks until Ironman Syracuse, so my training plan starts today. Don’t tell my work I skipped a boring meeting this morning to train instead. Shhh. I did 30 minutes of speed work that translated into 3.25 miles of negative split hill repeats and also got in about 30 minutes of full body strength training. Mondays are scheduled to be somewhat light in anticipation of long runs and rides on the weekends. 

Annnnnd, I think that’s it. That’s all I’ve got for today. Today is too difficult for coherent and well constructed posts. 

3 Replies to “Unmotivated Monday”

  1. Swimming over people is good practice for the triathlon right? Haha (you are one of those I fear). Mondays always seem to be difficult after a long, busy weekend.

    1. I have yet to claw over anyone in a race yet. In races I’m the slow one. In the pool with two people over the age 50, maybe 60, I am the fastest. Don’t let that fool you thought 😉

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