Unmotivating Monday and a Weekend Recap

Sometimes you just need a breather. What a nice weekend. 

It was sunny and 60 on Saturday so Rob and I took advantage to rake our backyard and fix our fence. Our lot is pretty big, just under a third of an acre, and the footprint of our house is pretty small, so we have a significant amount of yard. And we have only one tree. A small weeping cherry tree in our front landscaping. But before our neighborhood existed it was nurseries and when those nurseries closed and houses went up, lot lines were defined with trees. So even though we don’t really have any of our own trees, our entire property line is nothing but 80+ year old maples. 

All those trees drop a lot of leaves. You can kind of see the hill in this photo. Ignore the cement blocks, our garage foundation needed some love at one point. 

So the leaves came down and it took some time to clean them all up. And on top of raking them all we also have to get them from the bottom of the hill in our backyard to our front curb. So our tactic is to rake them onto a tarp and drag them up hill and out through the front to the curb. And of course leave season also happens to be Griswold’s favorite season

This does not do the hill justice.

And just so you know, that little porch is gone. Rob and I spent three months building that multi level wrap around monstrosity last summer.

He may be too big to get dragged up the hill on the tarp anymore, but he tried really hard to get on and he did enjoy standing on the tarp and trying to fight the leaves as we raked them on. He’s kind of a monster. 

Where’d my little puppy go!?

We also fixed our fence. A couple months ago this happened.

Thankfully it missed the garage and my car. 

We cleaned up a lot of it because it happened to fall in the middle of the night the day before our new neighbors moved in. But Mr. Neighbor has since cleaned up the rest of the tree from behind the fence on their side, so we took advantage of the weather to replace a few broken boards and a broken 2x2x8. 

And now, it’s Monday, back on track. Time to clean up my eating between now and Thanksgiving and get my workouts back on schedule. My work schedule was supposed to slow down this week, but we just found out we got a grant we applied for on Friday which involves hiring four new educators and a new bookkeeper, so I’m going to be swamped working with the county schools on hiring new educators. But thankfully, this will happen during my regular work day, so my morning runs and swims and my evening spins shouldn’t be affected. And I plan on doing five hours of spinning this week to pick up some of my slack from these last few weeks. 

I also said I was inside for the winter, but Rob and I registered for the It’s a Wonderful Run 5k on December 14th. It’s a 5k that takes place in historic Seneca Falls NY and the course runs through iconic scenes from where the movie It’s a Wonderful Life was shot, so we’re excited. But that also means that little old fair weather runner me needs to suck it up and run outside even in the crummy winter weather so it’s not an entirely painful shock to my system to run at night, in the snow and blistering cold CNY winter weather in a month. So this morning’s run was supposed to be an outside 5k. I got up and got dressed and stumbled around the house still half asleep and was all ready to go until I fired up my Garmin and it screamed low battery at me. But I figured it must have a threshold for dictating a low battery and probably had about 26 minutes left on it for a quick run. So I stepped out onto my deck to let it load some satellites and was immediately slammed by the crazy forceful winds. And as I stood there getting pummeled by the winds it screamed low battery at me again. And I’m not one appreciate a workout where things don’t go my way, so I said “Fine Garmin, gah!” and called it. I hate not getting a morning workout in, but I had a super duper early training to get to in the next county over anyways, so it was probably for the better and now my new plan is to still get my run in, but just before spinning tonight. No harm no foul, I’ll just feel fatter than I otherwise would have all day. 

Until your Garmin decides it hates you. Then you just do it later that evening. Man, I am so motivating. You should all feel beyond motivated now. Yup.

What thwarts your workout attempts?
Do anything fun this weekend?

3 Replies to “Unmotivating Monday and a Weekend Recap”

  1. The morning – far too easily thwarts any attempt to get up and workout. 🙂 Especially during the off season.That and sitting on the couch once I get home from work. It’s like the darn thing is made out of quicksand! I have to change into my gear immediately or it becomes a very difficult task to get out there.
    Nothing too exciting this weekend except for two great runs – looks like you accomplished a TON! Love how much land you have…still looks pretty green out there for this time of the year. 🙂
    I’ve asked for a Garmin from Santa this year – hoping it doesn’t give me much trouble…

  2. I can’t wake up early to work out so I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to go running in that weather! And that 5k sounds awesome! Cold winter 5ks aren’t always great, but I do have really good memories of the ones I did last year and I think the crazy weather really brings people together! There’s nothing like complaining with a bunch of other runners who willingly signed up and paid money to run in the cold 🙂

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