Ups, Downs, and all the in Betweens

This week has been difficult. And I think that’s about as nicely as I can put it. 

My eating has suffered. My workouts have suffered. My emotions have suffered.

I’ve had a wonderful time with my aunt. She’s pretty much one of the most fun people I know. We went to a local pub for dinner last night and it ended up being their trivia night. We didn’t win, but we had a great time for the three hours we spent there and we swept the medical terminology round and won a $5 coupon. So it was a fun time and I get her awesomeness and hilarity for one more fun filled night tonight. 

However, my body is angry about the bad food situation. I’m bloated and my face is all puffy and I feel a mess. Not that my eating has been perfect prior to this week, but boy I am not cut out to eat out and drink multiple days in a row. One more night of eating out then I need to do some serious diet overhaul on Friday. 

My workouts, those are a bit rough right now too. I’m still running on decreased mileage because of my knee, which isn’t a bad thing. Taking four weeks off essentially and barely running at all during them has trashed my speed, something I saw after getting back from my wedding and honeymoon too. Plus shifting to running inside on the treadmill doesn’t help either. But I really think I need to not worry (yeah, right) about my speed for a few weeks and work on consistent runs over a consistent amount of time and just get settled back in. Plus, looking at my work schedule for next week, it finally settles down for the first time in months and I can finally chew through a full week following my half iron training plan. And I’m leaning towards throwing an extra day of spin in there too just to get this bad food week out of my system and really get my mind wrapped around focusing on half iron training. I just want to go sub-26 minutes on my 5k time. I don’t think I’m asking too much body. Only 3 seconds you needed to shave off, three! You jerk. 

And speaking of tri training, the Musselman registration opens tomorrow. Rob asked if I was going to do the half iron or the sprint and I told him I was waffling and in debate. I really, really want to do the half iron, but it’s three weeks after IMCuse and Delta Lake Tri (which I’m still indecisive about) is the following weekend, so I’m probably better off doing the sprint. Makes me wonder if he would have done the half iron with me if I had said that’s what I planned to do. But it’s okay, we’ll run the sprint together again and it’ll be fun and good. I really love racing with my husband. 

In excellent news though, my local tri club held a little party last night and was offering discounts on dues to join, so I finally bit the bullet and joined! Now I can start going to the every other week swim clinics and all the other workout opportunities they offer. 

Have any good diet busters lately?
Do you belong to any sort of tri, running, or activity club? 
What’s on the training docket for next week?

2 Replies to “Ups, Downs, and all the in Betweens”

  1. Last spring I joined a local Tri club but unfortunately my location, work schedule and responsibilities of being mom hasn’t afforded me much time to participate in any of their group training sessions. 🙁 I think it might be easier to find a training partner that is in the same boat as me – super early mornings or later in the evening.
    As far as diet busters go – you mean now that it’s football season? Now that it’s cool weather, warm blankets and snuggling in front of the TV season? Yeah – beer has come back into play – wreaks havoc on my diet, but I am trying not to let it drive me crazy. We spend 8-9 months out of our year training like a bunch of crazies….a few diet fails during these off months should be acceptable, right? 🙂

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