All The Walking, Teaching, and Baby Showers

Oh Monday, here again.

Last week got difficult. I think pregnancy has finally given me a swift kick in the crotch ass.

My workouts consisted of walking Griswold every day. That’s it. I cleaned some too. That’s it. And that felt impressive to me given cleaning seems to exacerbate my aches and pains.


I’d like to walk on our treadmill this week. I really want to keep active. If I have a day or two where I’m feeling good enough after school I will. But let’s be real, just wrangling myself into tight workout clothes is a ten minute workout in and of itself.

I have managed to get in my 10k steps everyday this past week at least. I’m trying really hard to keep moving regularly.

I have a ton to do at school this week, but thankfully today is the start of Red Ribbon Week and the middle school prevention counselor will be in my classroom all day today teaching all three grade levels a lesson on e-cigarettes and energy drinks. I’m going to try and just sit back and be productive for myself while she teaches. And manage behaviors, of course, because middle schoolers can be real buttheads sometimes.

Three more weeks of work. With doctors appointments and Veterans Day thrown in that means 11 more working days. It’s sound like much, but to my aching body it sounds like a nightmare. I do not understand people who work until they pop. Dr. Brown asked me on Friday if I was still working since he knows I teach and am on my feet all day. When I said yes he just sort of gave me a little grimace. It took every ounce of my willpower not to say “I’ll take a note to get me out sooner then, thanks” because I know he’d give me one. The only perk to working right now is the passage of time. I have a lot to do at home before baby gets here, but the days definitely tick by faster at work than at home, even if work completely destroys my energy and leaves me moaning in pain by 4pm.


In non-complaining news, my baby shower was on Saturday and it was wonderful! We had a nice turn out of friends and family and got lots of great stuff for Ellie. We still have some major necessities to buy for ourselves before we’re done with the nursery, but we got a lot of things on Saturday that will helpful with a new baby that we’re very excited about. So a big thank you to everyone who came and showered us with love. We had a fantastic time!

The cake made by on of my tri club friends was beautiful and talked about the whole time. And yummy!

So right now my “fitness” goals include getting my 10k steps in everyday and trying to get 10 miles of walking, plodding, ellipticalling, whatever in every week. I think those are both doable goals that should keep me moving enough.

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  1. Walking is definitely fitness during pregnancy and you’ll thank yourself for doing it after your baby is here. I ran until around 25 or 28 weeks with my first pregnancy, before resorting to walking. (I was due at the end of August, and my boss at the time had a pool, so it was really nice.) I did walk every day until the day before my son was born. (I also worked past my due date. Talk about discouraging.) Walking kept me sane, but I also had a desk job, and I can’t imagine standing all day teaching!

    I’m pregnant again – 15 weeks – and running is torture. I don’t see myself running as long.

    You’re so close to the end! Keep moving as you see fit, and maybe your doctor will give you that note to get out of school early. 😉
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    1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I have a friend who’s wife is a seasoned marathoner and ran her whole first pregnancy but couldn’t do it with her second. She said everything just got too loose too quickly the second time around. I finally gave up running at 31 weeks, but it was barely a shuffle plod at that point.

    1. Sanity, ha! I’d love to stay sane at this point. Thanks for all the encouragement =)

  2. Ooh, a baby shower. *claps hands enthusiastically*
    I don’t have children but this past weekend, I found out 2 of my friends are pregnant so there are a couple baby showers in my future.
    Question for you. What’s the best surprise gift you got? I mean, I know people register for these things now, but did people ignore the list and just get you cool, original stuff. And if so, did you love or hate it?
    PS. I am visiting you early from the Grow Your Blog hop.
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  3. That cake is adorable! I’m glad you had a nice shower.

    You are doing an excellent job staying active. Hopefully the final 11 work days will pass quickly for you!
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