Wednesday Wisdom- Revelations

So here it stands. A lot of things picking up in my life right now. Work is going to explode between now and the end of the year and probably trickle into the new year too. My PT is picking up too. I went on my lunch break today and my PT added some new workouts into my therapy and I was there wayyyy over my lunch break time. Good thing my job is super flexible. No one really noticed and if they did no one really minded. I even still ran my errands afterwards. Two hour lunch break, okay. Won’t make a habit out of it, but on a slow day it’s not a huge deal. 

My workouts should be picking up. One of these weeks I’ll actually get through my whole base training plan. One of these weeks. I missed swimming yesterday morning. Oops. My alarm was apparently still off from last Tuesday. But I did go to spinning two night in a row and I am hardcore determined to get through my first three straight hour spin session this week. Need to lock into beast mode. And figure out nutrition. I’m going to need some nosh for a spin session that lengthy, for sure. 

Speaking of spinning, and PT, let’s talk about some hip revelations. And not hip like cool, hip like my stupid hip on my body. It’s still enormous. Like, ridiculous. The pain is mostly subsided, but the swelling is nuts. My legs are super noticeably two different sizes. And now that I’m aware of my leg length difference it’s made me realize why I’m in this hip (still not cool) situation. I was definitely sitting too high in spinning, but apparently only for my right hip. I could feel myself over extending on the down cycle of my cycling rotation, but only in my right leg. That is definitely the culprit and now I’m working on figuring out a comfortable position. I tweak every week, but I think I’m finally settling into a new fitting. I’m sitting lower, obviously, but I’ve lowered my handle bars significantly too so I’m in a mimicked aero position. It’s making me more accustom to sinking into the aero bars and frankly it’s so much more comfortable and I spin so, so much more efficiently. Imagine that. 

This morning I finally got out for a run. And when I say out I actually mean outside. Reminder, I am a super fair weather runner. I do not like running in the cold. But we’re contemplating a turkey trot and we’re already signed up for a December 5k, so I need to make it happen. 

So really it went down like this. It was only 20*F out and I nearly chickened out. But I sucked it up and settled in. I was really surprised at how slow I was. Oh my goodness. A combination of lack of running over the last month and my legs needing some time to warm up for sure. My first mile was a 10 minute mile!? What??? When was the last time I was that slow???? But I progressively picked up speed as I warmed up and I managed mile two at 9:19 and mile 3 at 8:36. Much more like it, much more my usual pace. 

But here’s what else is funny about it. I enjoyed it. I don’t mind running in the dark, which it was. In fact, I quite enjoy the dark because it feels so surreal and peaceful. But I do not like running in the cold. Honestly though, it was refreshing and I felt pretty good afterwards. My hotspot didn’t bother me and while my knee hurts, it pretty bearable, so it’s okay. 

Do you run in any weather condition? Is there something that is a no-go for you?
What kind of cross training do you do?

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  1. I used to be such a fair weather runner – we’re talking temps below 50 and I was on a treadmill. Last year I made it a goal to do as many runs outdoors through the winter as possible. Turns out w/ the right gear, it’s not so bad! I really got used to it and I definitely think it helped me improve as a runner. Good luck with the cold!

  2. I would much rather run outside then on a treadmill so I’m outside all winter. The only time I’m not is if it’s really icy or if there is a blizzard. Cross training = swimming, biking & weight lifting.

  3. I love cold weather running, as long as I have the right gear. If my ears and hands are covered I’m happy! I wish I lived near you though, running in the dark is really scary where I live! So when I work late I’m stuck on the treadmill. Boo.

    1. Yeah, I had enough forethought to put on gloves and a hat. Though I have over the ear headphones so I think even without a hat I’d probably be okay there. And you’re welcome to join me for a 6am run in the dark anytime you’d like!

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