A Week Of Perfect Runs

Have the weeks felt really long lately, or is it just me? Not only do the weeks themselves feel long, but the days have been dragging too. Time feels like it’s just crawling right now. Maybe it’s because I’m dug back into work for good finally or because we have some cards on the table right now that we’re waiting on, but everything feels slow.

The only time going by quickly right now is Ellie time. She’ll be four months old on Wednesday. Four months! I’m feeling a little choked up over this. How is her first year already a third of the way through? Where did my itty bitty little peanut newborn go? She’s actively grabbing and playing with toys, is working on rolling over, and is smiling nonstop. Just the most happy baby ever. I can’t believe how much she’s growing.


Okay, enough whining over time, training update.

No workout Monday. I was legit falling asleep while putting Ellie down for bed and ultimately crawled into bed myself as soon as she was down for the night. I was out cold a little after 8pm. I’m not sure how I was so exhausted on a Monday, but I was.

Tuesday was supposed to be super nice outside and I was desperate to run in the warm weather. So I plopped Ellie into her car seat, clicked in into the BOB, and took off into the neighborhood. We do have sidewalks, but they’re rough, so we ran on the shoulder of road. She enjoyed it and I was huffing and puffing like crazy. Nothing says “difficult run” like pushing 30lbs the whole time. I did 2 miles averaging 12:11 for my total pace.


Wednesday I ran outside with Ellie again. This time I drove us down to the lake and we ran along the lakeshore. I had parked at the Ramada then ran until the lake trail changed over to the park service road. The road is in bad shape, so to accumulate some distance without running the service road I ran four laps of a quarter mile loop on the trail, which included a small but steep-ish incline. Pushing the stroller up that incline felt difficult, but I enjoyed the run overall and after taking a lap around the parking lot too I managed to get in 3 miles. I ended with an average pace of 12:05 with splits of 12:23, 11:46, and 12:04 respectively. I was happy to see my best mile was the loops with the incline and that I managed a better overall pace than the day before.


I had an hour long trainer ride planned for Thursday, but I got sucked into work related stuff and never got to it. So goes it. I also missed my tri club Sunday swim this week because we had other plans already.

I did run again Saturday though. I went sans stroller this time and finally got my four miler in that I’ve been not getting to for the last few weeks. I did a lap through my neighborhood then headed out onto the road out into the town. I turned right before leaving the city limits and made for the back side of the local high school. It’s just over 5k from my house, around the school and back home. It has a nice rolling terrain and with the added lap I was able to hit four miles with an average overall pace of 11:44 with splits of 11:59, 11:23, 12:08, and 11:27 respectively. My third mile would have been sub-12 too but the trail behind the school included a few flooded spots and a gate that was locked that did not used to be there and required me to stop and figure out how to squeeze around it. Otherwise I was really happy with the run.

This week Rob works days so hopefully I can stay motivated and not just want to sit around with him every night. I do have the opportunity to swim Thursday at school in the afternoon which I’m super pumped for. The pool at our high school is really nice. Then this weekend I’m looking to get a five mile run in. It’s supposed to be super rainy all week here too, so I might have to go on a spider killing spree before I can convince myself to get back on my treadmill. I don’t foresee a workout happening tonight. We’re trying to transition Ellie out of her swaddle at night at I got about four hours of sleep last night. Zombie status, party of one.

What was your best workout this week?

Mamas! Talk to me about stroller running! What do you love or hate and what should I know?

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  1. Lucky you to have a stroller. When my daughter was that age in 1987 the strollers had just surfaced and they are several hundred dollars, which being an educator w/hubby out of work…well we just couldn’t see spending that much $. So we took an old car seat/carrier and bought three knobby wheels and some pvc and made our own. When I think back as to probably how unsafe that was, well, I am just glad we never ran into any problems… (It eventually broke so I bought her a bike seat for an old clunker…) Happy running!
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