Weekly Check In

It’s Friday! You know what that means- 

Yup, time to fess up about my training endeavors for this past week. 

Saturday- MMmmmmm, none
Sunday- Still none. Clearly weekends are going well for me
Monday- Mini brick; 10 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run, push ups
Tuesday- 1,200 meter swim (am), 3 hour spin (pm)
Wednesday- 900 meter swim, push ups
Thursday- Slept through my alarm and work crushed my soul and I skipped spinning in lieu of sweatpants. 
Friday- Don’t kid yourself. I set an alarm but I don’t get up on Fridays. Ha!

So yeah. Fail. All sorts of fail. 

But the good news is that the Tri Club every other weekend swim clinic is this Sunday and I plan to go. So take that lazy weekends. Two hour swim here I come. 

Also, I think part of my issue right now is from having multiple injuries over the fall. I was hoping to do most of my base building then, but really it turned into maintaining what little bit of base I had at that point. And now I’m scrambling to build my base up. And it’s showing that it’s working. I was suffering through 10 minute miles in November and my last outside run I averaged 8:44. I’m actually swimming, a huge win in and of itself. And my second go at a 3 hour spin was way easier and I was able to do more. 

I’m also pretty burnt out on winter. This has been one of our coldest, snowiest winters in a while and it’s just unrelentless. I’m to my breaking point with being cold and not being able to go outside. 

So my plan is to continue base building a few more weeks, then implement a solid half iron plan starting the first week in March. Fingers crossed I can start going outside then. The Rat Snake race director sent me some awesome half iron and full iron training plans that basically match what I’ve been working on- do the build up of intensity in the gym over the winter, then pile on the miles once you can move outside. So the plan he sent me will be the plan I stat following come March. Both plans are 12 weeks, so it should be perfectly timed for me to start in March and be ready for IMCuse in June. 

In other news, Happy Valentines Day!! 

I woke up to a dozen roses, a mylar balloon, and a handmade card. *swoon* Best husband ever. His gift should be showing up today. I didn’t think to order faster shipping, but it’s supposed to come today. Fingers crossed or prepare for wifey fail. 

This is the first time in six years we actually have plans to celebrate. And it’s always been a scheduling conflict for us. But with it being on a Friday this year we made plans. We have dinner reservations at Edgar’s, the super fancy place in the Belhurst Castle. I’m so excited to get gussied up and have a fancy, schmany dinner out with my hubby. 

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to this week?
What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

4 Replies to “Weekly Check In”

  1. I love your honesty! I agree with the winter. I thought it was supposed to warm up here and then this morning it’s more freaking snow! I need to be outside! My kids need to be outside! I need my kids to be outside!!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Yeah I’ve been waving the white flag regarding winter for a while now. I’m so done. We have no real Valentines Day plans. I got flowers yesterday and a card this morning cause that’s how we roll. I forgot to take something out to make for dinner tonight so we will either order take out or go to the restaurant at the top of our street, he he. I’m thinking take out, feet up on the couch with a glass of wine, watching Top Gear. 🙂

  3. Sometimes, what we plan for ourselves for fitness just doesn’t happen, you will get back into it! I’m in that boat this week with my workouts too bc of the snow and I’m going to have to do my 13 miles on the treadmill tomorrow bc of the roads! Have a wonderful v-day with your husband, a dinner at a castle sounds amazing!

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