Weekly Recap: 07/07 – 07/13

Oh Monday, here you are again. And my week, oh my week, it was not quite as planned.


Remember how I pronounced I would be starting a running streak last week? Ask me how well that went? Because starting a running streak when I have three straight back to back to back weekends of races was D-U-M-B.

Monday my only “workout” was walking Griswold a mile. I went out and bought a ton of stuff for my new classroom after work instead. I have no idea how I’m going to make it through the next six weeks at my current job.

Tuesday I did run. I did 5k in right around 30 minutes. It was hot and humid out even though I ran at 6am, which was crap. The summer weather is definitely finding us finally.

Wednesday was another run. I clocked 2 miles on the treadmill during my lunch break. I planned to do three but I forgot some of my toiletries to be able to shower at the gym, so I cut it short and went home to shower before going back to work.

Thursday and Friday both turned into days where my only workout was again walking the dog. Boo on me, what a crummy week. At least I ran though. Small win..?

I also spent Friday in my new classroom. Because moving desks and cutting my name out in glitter letter was a much more productive use of my time I’m sure.

Saturday was race day! Musselman weekend really caught me off guard this year. But I had a decent race that I’ll recap later in the week. But I did well all things considered.

This week is going to be a difficult mess for me. I’m working like nineteen thousand hours of overtime, so I need to get morning workouts in if I want to do anything. But my dad got us hotel rooms for this weekend since Delta Lake is a bit of a ways out from Syracuse. Hoping to PR my Olympic time on Sunday, so I need to be smart about my workouts this week.

Anyone else race this weekend? Have an awesome workout to share?
It’s Monday; what’s one thing you’re looking forward to today? Signing my teaching contract *happydance*

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  1. Your classroom is so cute! I’m all about the glitter letter cutouts and can appreciate that kind of effort. 😉 Your running might not have gone as planned, but you can always plan for new jobs and classroom excitement, right? Looking forward to your race recap. I still can’t believe you have three weekends of racing in a row – crazy woman!
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  2. At least you kept the muscles warm! Yup ma’am I race this weekend. Tri the Mountain in Northeast Georgia. Woop!

    1. I imagine a one mile race is actually pretty tough! That’s really cool though, I’ve never found a single mile race. I’d definitely be interested in trying one though. Excited for your recap!!!

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