Weekly Recap: 07/14 – 07/20

Whew, what a week! I was a busy mess this whole past week and it definitely caught up to me. I worked over 50 hours in four days then Friday through Sunday was nonstop doing and going. I am tireddddd now. Yikes.


Monday  was an active recovery day for me. I had taken Sunday as a full rest day post Mini Mussel, so I opted to do a 30 minute shake out on the spin bike. Legs were decent.

Tuesday I worked a 12 hour day. I got zero working out in.

Wednesday turned into a another day of no working out, another day of working late. And Thursday was lined up to be another 12 hour days, but our office roof was getting tarred. The air was turned off and it was hot, noisy and smelled like burning tar in our building. We ended up closing early which left me a small gap between leaving the office and the evening program I was going to, so I squeezed a quick 2 mile run in.

running ecard
Did I mention I saw a women pooping in the grass on the side of the run course at Mini Mussel last weekend? No? Because I totally did. She even did a butt scoot in an attempt to wipe. Sometimes running hates us.

Friday and Saturday were filled with lots of doing, running around, errands, craziness, and heading out to Verona for packet pick up and staying the night before race day on Sunday. Chock full of busy and no workouts. This seems to be a theme for this week. Thankfully I’m back to a regular work schedule now, and should pretty much be mostly regular until I’m done there at the end of August.

Sunday was race day for Delta Lake Triathlon. My race report for this will be long and I have some sorting out to do on my thoughts and feelings of this race. So be on the lookout for that.

This week should be better. I’m going to let my body do some recovering, get a few solid workouts in before the Cubby Chase this weekend, and start to really buckle down and work on my running. I have two half marathons on the docket that I need to start training for.

Did you race this weekend? Tell me about it!

What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like you had one heck of a crazy busy week. But congrats on your tri this past weekend!

    No racing for me this weekend. I did have a really great weekend though: shopping, swimming, and bike riding on Saturday, long ruck, pizza, and horseback riding on Sunday.
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    1. Yay for an awesome weekend! I used to horseback ride. I miss it a lot!

    1. Two more back to back race weekend in a row then I have a month break! I’m going to need it too!

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