Weekly Recap and Running Woes

Dead. Remember when I said if you didn’t see more than a Monday post last week I was probably dead? Yup, dead.

What a week! Stupid common core, why must you exist? You cause me so much stress and extra work. If I had wanted my job security to be based on the outcome of the math and ELA exams I would have been a math or ELA teacher. Part of what I loved about being a health teacher was the lack of standardized tests in my content area. Thanks for taking that away from me, government. If I get anything less than a stellar end of year evaluation due to the kids performance on exams that are not health related, I will drive to Albany and egg Cuomo’s house. For real. He’s such an asshole.

And to top that off, I haven’t finished grades yet. They’re due at 730am on Monday, which means at some point today I need to get on infinite campus and get those done. Because I love doing work at home on my only day off. Totally fun.

Only two more weeks until winter break. Ahhhh, what bliss that will be.


This week my workouts were eh.  I was kind of all over the place and spent the better portion of the week hobbling around. Monday I packed a bag with the intent of working out in the weight room at school. So after track practice I hopped on a treadmill. By mile one I was in pain. Not just yuck I’m out of shape pain, but real pain. I stopped at a mile and half. I have definitely reaggrevated both my torn calf muscle and the strain in my left leg. Oh yeah, did you know that? I strained my left way back when at the 2013 It’s a Wonderful Run 5k after running in god awful road conditions. And of course I’m still fighting my right leg after tearing my calf back in August. And now both my legs hurt. Well… dammit.

Tuesday I went to spinning and I put on my calf sleeve on my left leg since that is the main culprit. I think my left leg is only acting up due to overcompensation. About half way through it was bothering me though. So I had to stop, unclip, take my shoe off, take my medical grade compression sleeve off, put my shoe back on, then keep spinning. That seemed to help. Spinning rarely bothers my calf issues. Every now and then I can feel it twinge a bit, but this is the first time it’s caused me actual discomfort.

Wednesday I took a rest day because I was hobbling. Stupid legs. Thursday it was back to spinning and this time I taped my leg up. Just the right one, the real bad one. Taping was the right answer and I got through spinning with no problems.

Friday was another rest day and Saturday I wore my Garmin to the indoor track championship meet. I walked over six miles inside that tiny little fieldhouse with all my little track and field stars. Oof, tired. Those meets are mentally exhausting on their own, but the day wore me out hard. My kids did great though. Quite a few of them are getting ribbons for placing in the championships! Yay!

Sunday was another tri club swim clinic. I was expecting to have Coach Fish do some underwater stroke analysis for us, because in my brain I though I remembered him saying that’s what this clinic would include. But we had a bunch of new people join the club so he did form repeat work from the previous clinic and since he’s worked with me so much in the past, I got bumped to the workout lane, which was great. I was super happy to swim a Coach Fish workout for the first time in what feels like eons.


I’m pretty out of shape in the water. I skipped the kick set at the end and only did 300 of the 500 yard warm up, but otherwise I muscled through everything else. I actually swam 2600 yards, but I’m still getting used to the way my 920 works in the water and I lost 100 yard due to idiot user error. My total moving time was only 47 minutes though for what works out to 1.48 miles in the water, so I’m pretty pleased with my swim all things considered.

This week I’m excited to get some workouts in. Track is over and I have morning supervision at school, so I’ll be peacing out of school right at 230 everyday this week just because I can. I’m planning to take the whole week off running (ugh, nooooo, hate this) so I’ll be doing spinning, the erg in place of running, and strength training. I need to strength train. I need to strength train. I NEED TO STRENGTH TRAIN.

Maybe if I say it enough I’ll actually do it. One can only hope. And maybe a week off of running will be all my legs need. Because I have a duathlon in two and a half months that includes back to back 5k’s, so I should really be running at this point. And I’m eyeing two 70.3’s, but not if I can’t run. So yeah. Running. Yup.

Best and worst workouts of the week, go!

Favorite strength training workouts for sport specific functionality?

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  1. Bummer on the stressful week and calves 🙁 I hope everything is better this week for you…with track being over, you should have more time for YOU 🙂 As for functional strength for triathletes, I do a bunch of these exercises (but do not do the 1-2 mile warm-up…I just walk for 10 minutes): http://triathlon.competitor.com/2013/05/training/one-hour-workout-functional-strength-work_76190
    I hope you find strength training that works for you!!
    Kecia recently posted…101 Things…My Profile

    1. Awesome, thanks for the link! I used to be really good about strength training prior to getting so sucked into swim bike run. Now I’m very lazy about it.

      Also, I keep trying to comment on your blog, but wordpress hates me! It says I’m logged into a different account or something, directs me to log in, then refuses to accept my login info. It does that to me on a few blogs I follow.

  2. BOOO on the torn calf!!! I had a kick ass run on Wednesday and then a solid ride on Thursday but that was about it. Oh and a REALLY good strength workout on Thursday and then it went to hell in a handbasket and I’ve somehow managed to re-tweak my left knee. My physio has given me a great functional workout that I am actually going to post on my blog at some point. They are all body weight exercises but man are they tough.
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted…This Time Next Week…..My Profile

  3. I made it to the pool twice last week, which was my goal. I took a very long break from swimming after my IM last year and only had made it to the pool a handful of times over the last several months. Last week was the target to get in back into regular swim rotation and I had two great swims!

    I hate to read about your continual calf issues. I can only imagine the frustrations you are feeling. Hang in there and just try to continue to make good decisions about when to rest. It sounds like some upper body specific strength training would be a good focus for a while, along with some more pool time! Good luck!
    Lee@tri*inspired*life recently posted…Race Plans for 2015My Profile

  4. I’m sorry about the stressful week, vacation can’t come soon enough for you! I feel for you and your calf issues since I am plagued with them too. The TENS machine has helped me a lot, it makes me legs feel looser, maybe its worth a shot??

    Keep hanging in there and I know you will get back to where you want to be!!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…The Weekly Wrap UpMy Profile

  5. Power yoga with lots of side planks and wheels to keep my shoulders limber for swimming…weight workout consisting of bench (80 lbs), flys with 25, curls (I have skinny arms and want muscles!), and triceps then squats and lunges followed up by inversions (head/hand stands and forearm stand if I am feeling snarky!)
    Hope you heal quickly and well…sounds like a calf tear. Have you tried KT taping it?

    1. I have used KT tape. I tore it back in August and it mostly healed, but I seem to have reaggrevated it. Back to no running for a week or two, lots of PT workouts and my medical grade compression sleeve.

      Inversion are impressive! I cannot do a headstand to save my life!

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