A Weekly Recap of Sorts

I used to weekly recaps. Remember those days? Yeah, me too. Childless, working out to my hearts content, having time to sit and write. My goodness, life does change.

Pregnancy is throwing a minor wrinkle into workouts. Besides limiting what I can do, for how long, how hard, how fast, blahblahblah, it also means I need to workout in the mornings. I hit about noon-ish every day and my body just shuts down. So I’ve been prioritizing getting my sweat on early.

Monday- Ellie and I went to Baby Boot Camp. It’s pretty awesome, she’s gets to play with other kids and see her mama being healthy while I get a workout in. This class was a ton of free weight AMRAPs and cardio bursts. I was nice and sweaty and tired at the end. Thankfully Ellie is really good when we go to these so I don’t have to step away from my workout very often. Thanks, kid.

Tuesday- This happens to be my dad’s day off from work, so Ellie goes across the street and play with grandpa for an hour while I do my “long” run and shower without my kid wrecking everything. I’ve been trying to maintain my ability to run a full 5k as my long runs. The good news is I can still run a full 5k, I’m just slower now. I settled onto my treadmill and managed to get through all 3.1 miles in 34:42 which gives me an average pace of 11:12/mile. I’m still really happy with that. I mean, for not pregnant me that would be really slow, but for pregnant me that’s quite speedy given how big and cumbersome my body is getting.

Getting ready to get my run on!

Wednesday- Boot camp was cancelled this morning so I figured I’d run with the stroller, but it was already in the 80’s and 91% humidity at 8am. Just yuck. That’s a tough run for me no matter what, but my body said noooooo to that one. I took it as a recovery day and did a 1.5 mile power walk with Ellie in the BOB. Still got some movement in and I really should be better about rest and recovery days, so thank you weather, for forcing my hand.

Thursday- The humidity was still high at 8am, around 89%, but the temperature was better and there was a bit of a breeze, so I opted to do some run walk intervals with the BOB. I saddled Ellie up and we headed out to plod through the neighborhood. I’ve still got my watch set at 3×1 minute run/walk intervals which still feels like a good spread for me. I did definitely underestimate the humidity and humidity and how it would effect my running while pregnant. I was sucking wind hard and while I hoped to do 2 miles I ended up only doing 1.72 miles. Still good. Now I know that humidity+pregnancy+toddler in a running stroller is not a very nice combination for me.

Friday- Another boot camp day. Another round of AMRAPs. This time we were given four exercises and ten minutes to get through as many round of the four as we could. There was a set of arm workouts, leg workouts, butt and shoulders, and core. I did a great job hanging with the nonpreggo mamas.

Saturday- Since Rob was planning to do some yard work I opted to let Ellie go have some time with my mom and got myself on my treadmill. I planned to do 2 miles but I had a little bout of the trots and hoped off around 1.75 miles. I really wanted to finish and with a little breath at that point I opted to keep running and ended up doing 2.5 miles. And I felt like I could have kept going, which is awesome. I’m really surprised I’m doing so well running at 23 weeks pregnant and no longer able to see my feet.

Sunday- Took a rest day. I really wanted to run since I knew our day would be filled with bad eating, but eh. I also know my body needs rest days and since I hadn’t had a real rest day all week I made myself take one.

This has become a fairly routine week for me with workouts, so I’m hoping to continue on throughout my summer getting these workouts in and keeping myself as healthy as possible, stave off as much weight gain as possible. Hang in there, body!