Weekly Recap and Summer Countdown

It’s Monday. I have today then two more Mondays until I am done with school for the summer. Two and a half more weeks. Time, please move faster.

This week was really tough for me. I seem to have developed a new symptom; the constant headache. My first one started Monday afternoon and by Tuesday about half way through my workday it had become a full blown migraine. I tried my best to nurse it, but since I’m limited to Tylenol there wasn’t much to help me. I woke up Wednesday with my head still pounding. I headed to school, wrote sub plans, turned and around and came back home. Two days with a migraine is a whole lot of nope for me. But I did finally get it to break by Wednesday night. And I’ve had a constant on and off headache every day since. It’s really freaking obnoxious.

That being said, I did not get my first workout of the week in until Thursday afternoon. I felt normal enough to head out for a run when I got home from school.


Only one sad mile. I really wish I could just get more consistent with my running again and start to rebuild a little before I continue to unintentionally slow down.

Saturday was my next “workout” which consisted of some seriously house work. Husband and I gutted the room that will become the nursery. We hauled out all the furniture, cleared everything out, and I cleaned it well. I also tore into the guest room and cleared a bunch of stuff out of there so we could move the furniture from the nursery room into the guest room. Then we took two huge bags and some one piece of furniture to good will. I broke a good sweat and was definitely pooped afterwards.

Sunday was cool and beautiful, so I laced up and headed out again. I covered 1.25 miles and still held on to a sub-12 minute mile. I’m really hoping I settle at this pace and don’t slow down more for a while, but I’m not holding my breath on this one. I’m just happy to still be running, even if it’s slow, short distances, and inconsistent. This run at least felt better than the one miler I did on Thursday. So there’s that.


This week, please body, let me get in three workouts. Please.

I need to sruvive these next five days at school. I may have to fess up about being pregnant to kids too. I was hoping not to but homegirl looks preggo right about now, so yeah. And I have a first aid recertification this week. And lots of stuff to do at home that probably won’t get done.

Summer, hurry up please!

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    1. I wish we ended earlier! Going until the end of June feels so rough. But at least we don’t go back until after Labor Day, especially given how late it is this year.

    1. My allergies are definitely not helping my case, that’s for sure.

  1. We’ve been out for two weeks already…BUT i return July 13th! Isn’t’ that crazy? It’s pretty much year round schedule. Rough at times but I like the three weeks off in October! I was racing up until four months and then my Dr. told me I needed to not push myself so much-so I only worked out and didn’t race the next five months…hang in there!
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    1. Year round schedules always seem so bittersweet of an idea to me. It’s probably really nice to get those long, regularly scheduled breaks. But I do wonder if I’d miss having a real summer off.

      I only did one race so far, 10 mile run as part of a relay team. Other than that I probably won’t race much unless I pick up a 5k here or there.

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