A Weekly Recap Worth It’s Weight In Workouts

You guys! I did it! I had a good week of workouts!

Really, I did. And I’m pretty pleased about it.


I didn’t workout Monday. I had gotten back from Chicago so late the night before and walked upwards of 20 miles over the three days I was there, so I just lounged around and let my legs and body recover.

Tuesday I had a pregnancy induced meltdown complete with all the tears basically as I was on my way out the door to spin class. My inability to control my emotions is really frustrating and I was hoping spin would improve my mood, but it did not. I still went for the full hour and spun my legs, but I half assed the workout. Granted I have to scale back my efforts and make sure my heart rate stays in zone three, and I’m too big and round for some of the movements and positions, but I got an hour’s spinning workout in so it’s all good.

Good news, my Sweat Pink tank top still fits! Mostly.

Wednesday I hit the pool and did the same mini endurance pyramid I did the week before. I’m working on rebuilding my swimming base and stamina and I’m trying to take it slow. My pace during the set intervals was a bit slower than last week, but I felt much smoother, more comfortable, and wasn’t winded after the intervals like I was last week, so it felt great and I was happy with the swim.

Not too shabby

Thursday I headed back to spinning and in a much better mood too. Even though I worked harder I kept my heart rate lower and had a great workout. I was really happy about my workout.

Friday I took a rest day, although I hoped to swim, but it just didn’t work out that way, which is fine.

Saturday was the big day; I ran! I haven’t run since I sprained my ankle on July 3rd and I was feeling like I was ready to give it a try. I put zero expectations out for myself. I hadn’t run in four weeks and in those four weeks I had gotten significantly larger and more pregnant. I fully expected to quit half way through and be done running until after baby. But, I made it.


I did my one mile loop around my neighborhood in 12:29. Before spraining my ankle I was still under 12 minutes per mile, but I don’t care. I ran a whole mile and given my circumstances, I was pretty happy about it.

So Sunday, I went out and did it again. And this time I ran my little mile in 12:16.

Aside from all that, Rob and I gutted all five closets in our house, changed out the closet systems in three, and completely reorganized. Our downstairs closet has been converted into a pantry and I squee with delight every time I see it. My closet in our master bedroom now holds ALL my clothes. The second closet in the master bedroom now holds all of Rob’s clothes, the closet in the nursery has itty bitty baby things hanging in it, and the guest room closet is for storage of other various things. It was a lot of work over three days, but damn was it worth it.

This week will hopefully be equally as productive. I’m planning to hit the pool today and Wednesday. I’ll go to spinning Tuesday and Thursday. And I’m hoping to run Wednesday and Sunday. Saturday there is an open water swim race in Canandaigua and I’m planning to register this week. The water is plenty warm enough to be without my wetsuit since it doesn’t fit and it’s likely to be the only race I do any time soon, unless I can still sneak in a 5k, which I’m hopeful for now.

Best and worst workouts of the week? 

Anyone ever do an OWS race before? Tell me about it!

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  1. Wow, awesome week of workouts and home organization projects! I love updating closets! I have done OWS events. 2x the Jim McDonnell lake swim in Reston, VA (2 mile), 2x swimming at Lucky’s Lake Swim in Orlando (1K crossing). I am also signed up for Escape from Lewes 5K swim off Lewes Beach, DE in September. Hoping you have another good week!
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    1. Wow you’ve done lots of OWS races! I can’t imagine swimming a 5k!

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