Weekly Recap

Happy Friday!!!

My weekly training recap:

Saturday- 3.34 mile run outside with my hubby
Sunday- Rest day
Monday- Cheat rest day
Tuesday-Two mile run, squats and planks (am), one hour spin (pm)
Wednesday- Lactic Threshold time trial run, leg strength training
Thursday- Inadvertent rest day
Friday- 3 mile heart rate zone run

Thursday morning my alarm went off and the headache I had been fighting the day before was throbbing and hurting, so I ended up not getting out of bed. I have a really hard time working out when my head is throbbing. I’ve suffered from never ending headaches and migraines for many years and I can work through just a headache, but when the throbbing and body aches kick in I give up. I just can’t. And I would have gone to spin that night but I had to work late and didn’t make it in time. 

So I gave up my beloved Friday sleep in and got up this morning to make up the heart rate zone run I had planned for Thursday morning. 

My plan was run in zone 2. I got two free downloads for audiobooks from audible so I had “You Are An Ironman” by Jacques Steinberg all ready to go on my ipod and I set my water on a bench along the edge of the indoor track. Then I started running. Do you know how slow you have to go to stay in zone 2??? Walking. The answer is walking. I could not for the life of me run slow enough to keep my heart rate down to zone 2, which for me is 109-136 bmp. So I settled for zone 3 since that is still an endurance building zone. 

The point is to be in an aerobic zone for a long duration of time to build your endurance and train your heart to be able to have lower bpm at higher speed. So in theory, enough training at aerobic heart rates translates into lower heart rates at higher speeds which means you can maintain a higher speed for significantly longer before fatiguing. 

My average stride is usually about 1 meter and I’m usually right around 180 spm. Ugh. And really, 3 miles in 49:30!? 

Yeah. Yup. I gave in after two miles and bumped myself into zone 4 for my third mile. I just couldn’t. But I plan to keep trying. I actually felt really relaxed running and focusing on my breathing and listening to Ironman stories. It was nice. So my plan is to keep doing one low heart rate zone a week until I can get back outside around March. It supposedly takes about a month or two to reap the results of this type of training, so hopefully once I get back outside in the spring I’ll be fast and efficient.

So there’s my week. If you look at it again you’ll notice something that is missing. I claim to be a TRIathlete as in three, three disciplines. But swimming is magically missing from my week. Ugh, I’m so bad at swimming. BUT, I do plan to get back in the pool this week and start swimming once a week, for now. Also, in one more week the late classes will start back up at the gym, so I should see my first three hour spin the week of the 28th as well. I need to log more running miles too. And I cannot be taking three rest days a week. No way. 

And now though, it’s the weekend. We’re going to Syracuse to the Cuse basketball game Saturday and then football Sunday. Go sports!

What goal are you currently working towards?
What’s on your weekend docket?

11 Replies to “Weekly Recap”

  1. Can’t wait to get my Garmin next month so I can finally start training in the correct zones. I’ve just been chugging along these past two years without really knowing how efficient my training has been.
    Pool time starts up bright and early Monday morning – it’s my fav and fastest of the three so I’m looking forward to getting back to it. Wish running was my forte though – has a much larger impact on race times.
    Have a great time in Syracuse this weekend! Double yay for sports!

    1. Yay Garmin! When you get it make sure you do a lactic threshold time trial and adjust the heart rate zones accordingly. It’s default setup is 220-age and my heart rate zones were significantly different from that. Have fun in the pool! I wish I enjoyed swimming more, ha.

  2. Consistency on the bike, that’s what I’m working towards. 🙂 This weekend will involve a very early morning long run tomorrow so we can go help friends move. Then it’s into the pool and onto the bike on Sunday. WHEEEEEE!

  3. I hadn’t heard about the low heart rate zone before; I need to do some research! For my weekend, I’ll be running tomorrow (hopefully 6-8 miles), and then taking Sunday off.

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