Weekly Report

It’s finally Friday! And that means checking in on how I did this week.

Saturday- Does jumping up and down cheering for Syracuse basketball count?

Sunday- Hour and a half swim clinic with the tri club. I swam roughly a mile. I was in a lane doing decreased distance for the drills, so we had a bit of down time in between while those doing longer drills finished up. Overall though, it was awesome and I felt great afterwards.

Monday- Gym brick- hour on the spin bike and a 5k run. Felt great on both the bike and the run and was pleasantly surprised by my run time. Hopefully that translates in races since I didn’t even feel like I was running at race pace. 

Tuesday- I forgot my Garmin on Tuesday. I think it nearly killed me. My wrist felt so lite without the small computer I wear on it constantly. However, even without my data, I mustered my way through a 3.5 mile HIIT run. I ended up not going to the tri club workout because it would mean missing the Syracuse game. We won’t talk about that abysmal loss, ugh. 

Wednesday- Hour spin. I also took Finley out for a few miles because it was warm enough to tolerate and she hasn’t had a check up since I crashed her. So I thought getting her out for a bit was a good choice since she had been making a bit of noise after the crash. 

Thursday- One mile swim- 350m warm up, 10x100m, 300m cool down. I feel like I did well. I worked on some of the stuff our tri club coach told me to focus on. And I’ working so hard to build up my endurance. I think the 100m sprints will be helpful for me and hopefully I can begin to increase some of my drill distances. 

Friday- Sleep! My favorite!

Not too bad. I feel like it’s been one of my better weeks lately. Just gotta keep plugging along. My first race, Seneca7’s, is only two months away, so I should probably start running more since it’s a pretty lengthy relay. 

I will point out that I did not make it to a single spin class and I didn’t do any two-a-days, both unusual for me. But, with the idea that I’m starting a definitive plan in another week, I’m not stressing. 

Although, I will say, the plan I’m starting I do have a few points of contention with. First off, the swim distances are more than I know I can do right now, both distance wise and what I can cram into my morning time frame. Also, it has barely any rest days built in. The first once isn’t until the end of week three. This won’t work for me. My Friday sleep in’s are a non-negotiable for me. So I will be tweaking it somewhat, but for the most part I’m going to try and stick to the prescribed workouts, with some slight modifications where necessary. 

Yay weekend though! Syracuse plays Duke again this weekend so we’re going to watch the game in Syracuse. Hopefully they can pull out a better game than Wednesday night’s disaster. 

How was your week?
Any fun plans for the weekend?

Weekly Report

It’s Friday!

*happy dance*

What a long week. Whew! Glad this one’s over. 

Saturday- Nada. 
Sunday- Rest day
Monday- Negative split 5k base run
Tuesday- 30 minute swim (am), 3 hour spin (pm)
Wednesday- unplanned rest day
Thursday- 1.5 mile run (am), 2.5 mile run OUTSIDE! (pm)
Friday- Rest day

I had every intention of getting one weekend day of training, but after finding out my dog died I had a hard time peeling myself off the couch. Life. 

Tuesday I finally cranked out a straight 3 hour spin session. I went in with a pack of shot blocks, one water bottle of water and two filled with Hammer Fizz ready to take on the world. And I did. 

It was tough, that’s for sure. I did the first hour long class which was a lot of endurance work, then I put my headphones on and spent the second hour spinning alone in the spin room. I let myself get down into a lower hear rate zone and just spun away. Then the second class was a lot of HIIT and hill work, which was tough to end on, but I was still feeling good, so I muscled through. The only time it really felt long was maybe the last 20 minutes. Granted by the 1:40 hour mark my thighs were starting to burn a bit and by the time I was done they were totally shot, which is where the Wednesday unplanned rest day fell in. 

All said and done, I really want to do that again, surprisingly enough. So I will. I’ll keep doing them. I may start swimming Wednesdays too now, just to keep myself doing something but go easy on my legs. I will try some different kinds of real food though, since I was ravenous by the two hour mark. Good to know and precisely why I’m doing this. 

Thursday was a struggle for me. My aunt was over Wednesday night so bad eating and boozing occurred. She’s basically my favorite and I love having her over. Sure does make getting up the next day hard though, but still worth it. I had NO desire to work out Thursday morning, but the dog could hear my aunt up and if I didn’t get up he would eventually terrorize both Rob and I, so up I got. 

I got myself to the gym and ran an apathetic 1.5 miles. And done. That was it. I signed up for spinning, but it was a lovely, balmy 25* and sunny when I got home from work, so I did an outdoor redemption run instead. 

It was awesome. I love running outside. I felt good, my pace was pretty much where I wanted it to be for early spring, so I may end up faster than planned come spring now. Just good, good, good all around on the decision to run outside. 

This weekend I’ll work out Saturday morning at my parents house, but otherwise this weekend will be a total wash. We’re going to be super busy with lost of fun times and excitingness.

Also, TGC is going to be getting a make over soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. It’s gonna be so purdy!

Longest workout you’ve ever done?
What do you have fun and exciting planned for this weekend?

2 Replies to “Weekly Report”

  1. Longest workout was probably one of my 3+ hour bike rides last summer when training for my Oly. Felt good to be outside…in the sunshine…and warmth…*dreaming*
    We have a 5k race(fun run), tomorrow at one of our favorite venues…looking forward to it’s after party and then the SB on Sunday! Can’t wait to see your site revamp!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow, two spin classes AND and hour on your own? You are an animal! I can’t imagine riding a spin bike for that long. I have done a century ride (my longest workout) but it was outside, along beautiful countryside. Tomorrow I am partaking in a local 10K and Sunday is the SUPER BOWL! 🙂

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