Weekly Run Down

I had a lazy week this week and it was very nice. Very nice indeed.

Saturday- Nuffin. Freaking out over Syracuse basketball and watching Griswold run around the dog park.

Sunday- I got to run outside!! The weather was fabulous and I couldn’t resist. I did an easy 5k and just enjoyed the sunshine, which is super gone now and probably never coming back. This winter won’t die. 

Monday- Mini gym brick including a 45 minute spin and a 2 mile run. Felt good. I love bricks. 

Tuesday- Hour of spinning. Yup, that’s it. That’s all I’ve got. 

Wednesday- 1000 meter swim made up of 50 meter sprints. I threw in two 100 meter sprints in the middle just to shake things up. Watch out, it’s getting crazy up in here!

Thursday- Nada. I got out of work kind of late and making it spinning was going to be tight. So I thought I may as well continue to enjoy my “easy” week and eat oatmeal instead. Get ready for a whole post about me gushing about oatmeal. That’s coming. 

Friday- Sleep in day, my favorite!!

My half Iron plan starts Monday. Here’s my snaffu over my plan. The one I got from Dan, the super awesome race director for the The Rat Snake, made my eyes cross. It’s pretty intense. I posed an implementation related question to the tri group I’m in and they went something like “holy shit, the first week of that plan is comparable to my peak week!” Cue panic. Too much? It’s intense, yes, but I have no idea!

Someone in the group posts what is deemed the “simplest 70.3 plan.” Simple indeed. My off season work is double what this particular plan calls for, minus the long ride and long run on the weekends. Is that really all I need to cross the finish of a 70.3? Really..? Cause if that’s it I should be able to do one like, tomorrow..?

Monday will be 16 weeks until Ironman Syracuse, so I need to start a plan on Monday. Another person in the group sent me their training plan for Boulder 70.3. And now I have three very different plans that cover three very different amounts of work and I’m crafting myself a custom plan to fit my needs based on my current fitness level and my desired outcomes for IMCuse. 

So that’s where I’m at right now. Yup. Two days out from my official training start and scrambling to pull together a plan. Ugh. 

And it would help if I could plan for bike rides. Like real ones, outside, on my bike. But it’s back to barely making it out of the single digits for highs for daytime temps, wind chills in the negatives, and I’m dying. Someone remind me why I live here again..?

Weekend plans…go!
What are you most excited to do when the weather finally warms up?

4 Replies to “Weekly Run Down”

  1. Picking a training plan is the worst! I end up moving stuff around based on my work schedule and changing little things anyways so I think even if you start one and it’s not working for you you can totally switch things up. Good luck finding one! And good luck with the weather, the wind chill is 1 here in Philly so I can’t imagine what you’re dealing with today!

    1. It’s cold here all right! The original plan I had I moved stuff around a bunch. But I think writing my own plan will ultimately be the best thing for me. Assuming I do it right, haha.

  2. I am most looking forward to biking outside on a regular basis and not just hoping that the weather “might” be warm enough to get in a ride…and then be disappointed. Good luck picking a training plan. I understand your position!

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