Weekly Training Recap

It’s the weekend! *happy dance* 

Good week. Only three easy-ish days at work. Training and eating were on point. 

M- 2.25 mile run and 1000 meter on the erg
T- 3 mile run in the morning, hour of spin in the evening
W- 2 mile run and leg strength training
T- 25 minute endurance sprint on the spin bike in the morning, hour of spin in the evening
F- Well earned rest day
S- Planned run (3.3 miles outside done!)
S- Rest day?

I’ll be much happier when I can start increasing my mileage. As someone who is used to running 20+ miles a week, only getting 7.25 10.5 in is kind of depressing to look at. I’ll be ecstatic when I can start lengthening those morning workouts again. 

In other news, I also went back to my sports med doctor today. I saw Fast Talking Asian Doctor again. She spoke slower today and we much more personable. Since my knee and hip have both moved from “unable to walk or function pain” to “tolerable, annoying pain” she’s pulling me off PT. 

I was also sent across the street to the hospital for an MRI. I’ve never had one before but I did get a bone scan as a teenager during my raging battle against shin splints. I didn’t mind the MRI. Since it was my knee I didn’t go all the way into the tunnel, so I got to stare up at the backlit sky and tree top ceiling tiles put in above it. I guess to make it feel like you’re laying on your back outside on a warm summer day. Except for that part where you’re confined to a very noisy tube. At least I had obnoxiously large headphones and the soothing smooth musically wonder of Britney Spears to comfort me. But it only took about 15 minutes so it wasn’t bad. I was then given a CD with my images and sent on my way. 

My knee. I’m seriously fascinated by the human body. I couldn’t resist popping the disc in my computer and checking it out. I go back to the doctor again next Friday with my MRI result for a final diagnosis. Hopefully. Between doctors visits and PT I’m pushing $500 in the hole in co-pays over the last two months Yikes!

OH! I was the featured triathlete over at listoftriathlonblogs.com this week! You can check it out here.

How was your training this week?
Have you finished your Holiday shopping (I have not)

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  1. Great job this week. My training was great, I am on day 10 of the Runner’s World Streak and I am ramping up to begin my marathon training at the end of this month!

    I am not even close to finishing my holiday shopping..eek!

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