Weekly Update

Friday. Weekly report. I’ve basically got nothing this week.

Our little road trip destroyed my training routine and as much as I tried to reclaim it I have crashed and burned miserably. 

Saturday- in the car
Sunday- still in the car
Monday- yup, in the car some more
Tuesday- half-assed spin class
Wednesday- 3 mile tempo run, push ups, 100 exploding squat kettlebell swings 
Thursday- overslept and called to late to get a spin bike
Friday- Ha, yeah right

Not to mention I’m still sore from my kettlebell swings. I know you’re supposed to hinge at the waist for swings, but that bothers my back. So instead I go into a squat when it’s down then explode up with the swing. My whole body from my shoulders, through my core, thighs, and especially my booty is super sore. Love it, but it sure makes sitting down and getting back up difficult. Which is why when I leave my phone across the room I stare at it and whine instead of retrieving it. Ass is too sore, can’t get up. 

Sorry. Clearly I’m sorry for my sad training display this week.

I’m not sure what this weekend will have in store for me. But I do know that next week I need to bring it, hard. 

Also, the Junebugs have settled on push ups for our February challenge.

I’m happy about this. I lack a lot of upper body strength, but push ups I can do. Shouldn’t be too hard for me. I fizzled out on the squat challenge last month with like five days to go, so here’s to hoping I can tough this one out, even though I can do 20 push ups already. Sort of. 

Happy weekend friends! 

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  1. We all have off training weeks, I know it’s not ideal but at least you got a few things in last week, that is better than nothing! You will get right back into it. I love that pushup challenge, I love doing chest pushups, tricep pushups….not so much!! Maybe I should try a tricep pushup challenge instead? 🙂

  2. Oh man, I have no upper body strength and I HATE push-ups! This is one challenge that I would run kicking and screaming away from! I really need to develop some arm strength!

  3. Traveling is tough on training! I was amazed by how sore I was after my first kettlebell workout. It didn’t feel like I was working that hard at the time. Surprise DOMS!

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Weekly Update

So first thing’s first. A big thank you to all the love and kind words on my last post. It’s so nice to know others empathize and care. Not only that, I’m pretty blown away by the connections I’ve made on the internet over the last few years. Between my fellow blogger friends I’ve started making since my blog’s inceptions, my GIS gals on the fitness forum I frequent, and of course my Junebugs. It’s pretty incredible to make friends this way, but I definitely feel like I’ve got some out in the world. So thank you all. 

Now, onto the usual Friday update-

Saturday- Rest day
Sunday- Rest Day
Monday- 3.5 mile tempo run, upper body weights and strength, 30 minute zone 3 trainer ride (all am)
Tuesday- 1 hour spin (pm)
Wednesday- 2 mile zone 3 run (am)
Thursday- 30 minute endurance spinning sprint (am), 1 hour spin (pm)
Friday- sleeping in =)

The students are back at HWS which means two things for me; I need to be diligent about calling ahead for a bike for spinning because the gym is busy and classes are packed. But also, it means extended hours are back! This means I can workout on the weekends since they’re open on weekends again and it also means late classes. So you should expect to see a 3 hour spin show up hopefully on next week’s recap. 

Now that I’m settling into a groove it’s time to increase volume and intensity of my training. I’m barely running and when I am I’m not logging very many miles. I signed up for run this year and frankly, I won’t make it if I don’t start running more. I’ll be lucky to log 20 miles this month at this rate, which is annoying since I was logging over 100 miles a month this past summer. 

Also, no swimming, again. Part of it is definitely my discomfort with my body right now. I ordered a new training swimsuit but the bottoms are too small. So I’m faced with the dilemma of do I wear tri short and the swim top, a full tri kit, or saying eff it and letting my butt checks say hello to the world. Thankfully at 6am at the pool I’m either completely alone, or there’s like one or two other people, so not many would see my bum if I chose the latter. 

I have a low key weekend planned which includes a run tomorrow. Yay weekend workouts! Just need to make it through work today and then I can finally relax!

What do you have planned for this weekend? Anything fun?

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  1. 60 mins on the trainer tonight then rest on Sat and a long 90 minute ride (outside if possible – don’t have the right cold weather gear though, so this will end up another trainer ride I’m sure) on Sunday.
    And don’t worry about how many miles you haven’t logged this week – it takes us all forever to get back into the swing of things. I bet a month from now you be back to posting badass numbers. 🙂

  2. Weekends are when my training volume goes up. Long run today in this INSANE wind (I’m a little scared I’m going to get blown over), then weights. Tomorrow is swim club, then a 90 minute bike. Then a faceplant on the couch, ha ha.

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