Weekly Win

Oh my gosh. You guys. I worked out five times this week. FIVE TIMES.

I mean,  I use the term “workout” loosely. It’s all relative. But five days this week I attempted something. 


Monday I hopped on the treadmill with a two mile workout in mind. Walk a quarter mile warm up, run 1.5 miles, walk a quarter mile cool down. I managed the warm up and the full run, but had to skip the cool down because baby was fussing.

Tuesday I hoped to ride, but I hadn’t gotten Finley set back up yet, so I got back on the treadmill again. I did a very short warm up of .15, ran a full mile, then did the last tenth of a mile as a walking cool down for a short 1.25 mile workout. I ran the lone mile at a 12:17, so I haven’t really gotten any faster in the last couple of weeks, but that’s okay. It’s a full minute faster per mile then I was running at the tail end of my pregnancy running, so I’ll take it. I know my speed will come back. Probably slowly, but it’ll come back eventually.

Parenting. Nailed it. Minus the fact that she's awake, but still!
Parenting. Nailed it. Minus the fact that she’s awake, but still!

I did get Finley all set up on Tuesday afternoon, so on Wednesday I jumped back into my saddle for the first time since April! Last time I rode I was pregnant, flatted at 22 miles, and had to be rescued off the side of the highway because I had the wrong tube in my spare kit.

You know what happens when you don’t ride your bike for nine months? It hurts.

Yay Finley! My basement workout oasis.
Yay Finley! My basement workout oasis.

I rode for all of 20 minutes, just pushing my legs. I did an easy five minutes then tried to push for the other 15 minutes. I managed 6.33 miles and an average power of only 109 watts. Youch. And I was tired after that. Tired. Oh my gosh, I am super out of shape.

I rode again Thursday. This time I only did ten minutes and only covered 3.13 miles. I forgot how much I dislike my saddle. My nether regions used to be pretty hardened to it, but not so anymore. I’m surprised I even last ten minutes without my vagina falling off. Guess I need to toughen myself back up, because I don’t really have the budget for a new saddle right now and I used it fine before.


I planned to run on Friday. I did. I really, really did. I got changed while baby took a short catnap, but then sh stirred. I feed her and played with her for a while then took her upstairs to try and get her down for a nap. This was at 9am. The next thing I knew it was 1pm and the baby was passed out in the crook of my arm and the dog was asleep draped over my legs. I had fallen asleep trying to get baby down, complete with my HRM strap, running shoes, and visor on. And I proceeded to sleep for FOUR hours.

Apparently I was tired. Who knew.

I did get my run in on Saturday. I did the same workout I cut short on Monday. Quarter mile walk to warm up, 1.5 mile run, quarter mile walk to cool down for a 2 mile total workout. Nothing crazy, but I am still only 8 weeks out from a c-section so it’s what I can do for right now.

I did feel good during my run on Saturday so I’m feeling comfortable enough to push my runs this week up to 2 miles. And of course I’ll get myself back on my bike, preferably not on back to back days. But all said and done I’m calling this week a win!

What was your best and worst workout this week?

Do you workout at home, outside, or at a gym?

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    1. I am and it’s feeling pretty good! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up once I get back to work next month.

    1. I sure hope you’re right! I thought that since I had a c-section and didn’t have any down stairs issues to contend with it would be easier, but definitely not!

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