What Blood Sounds Like

I’ll get to my Iron Girl recap, the race that ended my four week racing streak, I swear I will. But today I’d like to talk a bit about sports injuries.

I’ve had my fair share over the years. From agonizing shin splints during my track days in high school, to hip bursitis, a thrown out knee, and a calf strain. I’ve pretty much run the gamut at this point. But yesterday’s foray ¬†seems to have taken the cake.

I was awoken early Tuesday morning, after getting back from Syracuse late the night before, to pain behind my knee. Weird, sure, but I didn’t really think anything of it. I assumed it was either lingering aches from Sunday’s race or the start of vein pain that I know I am destined to have at some point in my life. My mother always says the backs of her knees hurt from her bad veins and I am my mother’s daughter. Those will be my bad veins someday too and it seems Tuesday was that day. Take two ibuprofen and ignore it. The aching comes and goes over the course of the day, remaining right behind my right knee. I shrug it off thinking whatever it is will work itself out in a day or two.

The aching persists into Wednesday. More ibuprofen, more ignoring it. Until I get back to my office after lunch. I’m sitting the lobbying chatting with the secretary when I start to feel the ache shift to pain and pain is no longer behind my knee but now radiating all down my right calf. I take one of my giant horse pill sized ibuprofen pills. After 20 minutes it’s not working. I opt to duck out of work and go to the new Ortho Urgent Care only a few buildings down from ours.

I’ve been to plenty of ortho’s at this point, I know the procedure. The RN or whoever took me to a room, asked me a few questions, then shuffled me off for my obligatory x-rays. Always x-rays first with orthopedics. I know whatever is bothering me is not a bone issue, but I wait my 45 minutes in pain until the x-ray tech finally shuffles over all huffy and cranky, snaps my knee x-rays, then tosses me back to my exam room.

I finally meet the doctor. She apologizes profusely for the long waits and unprofessionalism of it. I insist it’s okay even though I’m frustrated I’ve been waiting over an hour to be seen. I tell her that the pain originated behind my knee but is now in my calf. She becomes concerned and asks a few pointed questions. She thinks I have a blood clot.

My file is immediately faxed over to the hospital and another girl calls over to let them know I need to be seen immediately. I’m told to go right over. Since I have to pass my house to get there I opt to stop home and change out of my work clothes into compression shorts and my Delta Lake shirt. Because priorities.

Radiology is also slow. I talk to Rob to fill him in on what has very quickly transpired and escalated. Up to this point people have treated me like I may drop dead at any second, but not radiology. I’m told people are ahead of me and I have to wait my turn. Apparently they don’t think I’m dying.

Finally, after another 45+ minute wait, a radiologist scoops me up and takes me into a room and preps me for an ultrasound of my leg. The ultrasound was actually really cool. I could see all my veins on the screen and could see the blood flowing. It was even color coordinated so I can see the oxygenated blood versus the unoxygenated blood. Very cool. Then the radiologist started squeezing my leg. Hard. Over and over and over. Quick and hard squeezes, probably in the range of about 40 of them, right on the spot of my calf that was in pain. It was fun at first to hear the sound of my blood, but after the first few squeezes it started to hurt and I wanted to be done.

Oh heyyyy, there’s my blood!

Me- So, is there a blood clot?

Him- I’m not allowed to say. But there’s no Baker’s Cyst.

Me- Should I expect to drop dead between now and my follow up appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Him- Probably not.

Probably not. How comforting.

He calls over to the ortho to let them know he’s done and he eludes to some degree that they don’t think there’s a blood clot. Apparently they can already see my results. But I need to go tomorrow still for them to fully go through them thoroughly then figure out what’s next. If this test comes up negative or inconclusive then I’m in for more tests. Ugh.

And of course this morning I’ve woken up in horrible pain. I slept in my compression tights hoping it might help, but no. I couldn’t put any weight on it when I got up and had to drag myself to the bathroom and jumped right into a Hades level hot shower. After about 15 minutes of boiling myself I could finally put my foot down. Ugh.

So that’s where I’m at right now. And I have a crazy busy day at work today which makes me want to cry. All I wanted to do last night was run out my frustrations and I can’t. I can’t do anything. But I still have to work today, so there’s that I guess.

Cross your fingers for me that it’s something easily and quickly fixable. Sucksssssssss.


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  1. Oh man! I really really hope whatever it is gets sorted out quickly. Injuries are never any fun, especially when you don’t know what the injury is exactly. Good vibes coming your way lady!
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    1. Thanks! Will get an update up this weekend hopefully once I’m done with the gamut of testing

    1. I’m calm until I leave the doctor’s office. I’ve lost it in my car twice now. It’s a really frustrating process.

    1. Hoping for answers too! Definitely happy to have the blood clot rules out though

  2. Oh man Courtney. I’m so sorry. I hope you get answers soon. I don’t know anything about the Baker’s Cyst but I had a bold clot in my calf a few years ago. It’s no picnic that’s for sure. And you did the right thing by seeing a doctor right away, it’s not something to take lightly. I hope you get some answers soon and it’s nothing serious. Please take care of yourself and rest. There will be plenty of races waiting for you when you recover.

    1. Eek! The blood clot thing is so scary! Hearing that it could potentially be a clot made me happy I went right away.

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