What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Colder

Well, as usual, my workouts did not go as planned this week. I think I’m done with November. Scratch it off the record. I’ll start over with my base training first thing in December. 

Not only did I not get three hours of spinning in on Thursday, I actually got zero in. I forgot Rob had a few friends coming over for the night and I opted to head home after work instead to get the house picked up and get some pizzas for everyone. 

The boys took off early Friday morning for South Bend to go see a Notre Dame game and after work I scooted off to Syracuse for a ladies weekend with Emily, Elaina, and Annie. It was much needed and I’m so glad I went and just enjoyed myself without worrying about anything. 

I ended up staying Saturday night in Syracuse too even though originally I planned to drive back that night. The snow was coming down heavy, so it was just as well I stayed. That means I missed the swim clinic and apparently Neil recorded everyone swimming which I definitely could have benefited from. But that’s okay. I showed up to run. 

Yes I wore capris. Yes it was only in the teens for temperature. It’s okay, growing up in Syracuse hardens you to snow and frigid temperature. 

 I was told that there’d be a few run groups for different paces, but there ended up only being four of us and the other three were all comfortable doing ten miles at an 8 minute pace. Um, no. That’s my pace for 3-4 miles during my training peak. Right now on reduced mileage, bum legs, in the horrible weather, there was no way I was going to hold that pace very long. But I tried hard. I stuck with them for just shy of two miles before turning around and heading back alone. 

I didn’t start my watch until about two minutes in on accident, so I’m closer to four miles than was actually logged on the old Garmin

The last mile and a half I ran were all uphill into a strong headwind with snow hitting me in the face. Thank you Camp Talooli for the winter beanie with a brim. It was excellent at helping to keep the snow out of my eyes. 

No joke on the temperature, that’s for sure! Can you see where I started running uphill into the wind? Dang ten minute mile *angry fist shake*

It was a pretty tough run. Between holding such a strong pace the first two-ish miles and running uphill into the wind and snow on the second half, it was definitely not easy. But this is what will make me stronger, faster. 

Looks like a lovely day for a run, eh?

Anyways, I’m proud of myself for getting out there and trying to make a few new friends. I paid my dues and joined the club, so I may as well just jump right in and start doing some workouts with them. 

On the rest of the docket for this week- swim in the morning and spin in the evening on Tuesday, indoor base run and strength training Wednesday, Turkey Trot 5k Thursday, rest Friday. Fingers crossed I actually get through a week of planned workouts for once. Ha. Because I intended to run outside again this morning, but my alarm was set for 7am..? What? So yeah, I overslept, which is just as well since my legs were a bit tight from yesterdays winter run-a-thon. And I was super exhausted from the weekend, so the catch up on sleep was necessary. 

What’s the weather by you? Any good winter workouts planned?
Are you doing some sort of Turkey Trot on Thursday?

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  1. I’m proud of you! I know how much you hate running in crazy low temps. You were more badass than me yesterday, I seriously couldn’t make it outside yesterday. I need more windproof running clothes! Did you wear anything on your feet to keep yourself from falling in the snow?

    1. I did not wear anything to keep me from slipping. I slid once going down this weird little downhill path because I got my feet moving too fast, otherwise I was fine. I do need to invest in some warmer socks though. And probably some full length compression pants.

  2. I just started reading recently, so hello :]
    I live out closer to Buffalo, and we didn’t get blasted with the winter weather this weekend that we thought, but that next storm is approaching!
    I don’t have very appropriate winter running gear, so I am gonna get out when it’s at least 35. Pathetic, I know.
    I wish I was running the Buffalo Turkey Trot but it sold out pretty fast and even though I live in the area, it’s still a drive for me. So I’ll be doing my own Turkey Trot haha.

    1. Hi!
      I’m sure you guys will get plenty of snow these next few days. We’re in to get walloped by the looks of it. And I just caved and bought some full length compression pants. I may be hardened from growing up in Syracuse, but it’s still cold.

  3. Great job for getting out there. I am in MA and the weather has been brutally cold. I am going to have to brave the cold to train outdoors this winter to be ready for my early Spring Maraton, which I am NOT looking forward to. In the meantime, I have been coming up with some pretty fun running circuit workouts and did a KILLER treadmill speed session today. I haven’t signed up for a Turkey Trot, but if the weather is okay on Thursday morning, I will sign up for one on site. Have a great rest of your day!

    1. Speed session on the treadmill for the win! I do a lot of speed training on the treadmill since it helps with the boredom. And just think, if you train outside in the winter you’ll be so much stronger and faster come spring for your marathon!

  4. Not too cold here (only in the 40’s) but the wind has been brutal! Think I’d prefer snow over this stinkin’ wind. Kudos to you for getting out there though! Fresh air beats the dreadmill any day. 🙂
    No Turkey Trot for me – I do have 4 miles scheduled on my training plan that day though.
    Hope your knee/hip is feeling better!

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