What Motivates You Wednesday

Motivation is a weird beast. Ever since finishing FLT my motivation has been a bit lost. I’ve been awful about getting up to work out in the morning and I haven’t pulled a two-a-day in months. 

With my half marathon only days away, I wonder about this a bit. Rob and I were doing an excellent job following a training plan for a while, but after he developed some tendinitis we backed off a bit. And for a while I felt I had a sub-2 half marathon pretty much in the bag. But now with my hip issue and my severely decreased mileage and working out in general I don’t know how realistic that is anymore. But we’ll see.

I think part of my lack of motivation to get up and do my 6am workouts and in part the darkness. It’s difficult to get up when it’s pitch black and it’s even more difficult when after an hour workout it’s still pitch black outside. I don’t mind running in the dark, it can be somewhat peaceful, but in the same regard, it’s tough. 

I think there are two things that will help me refocus and regain some motivation. One will be migrating into the gym for the winter. Even though I’ll be getting up in the dark, I’ll be working out in my nice bright, climate controlled gym. I’ll be sad to have to log all my miles on a treadmill, but I think it will help when I’m not fighting against the dark and the quickly approaching winter weather. The second thing I think will be when I can start training for Ironman Syracuse. I love triathlon and I’m so, so excited for my first half iron. And the funny thing is that I should be super excited for my half marathon. And I am excited, but I’m more excited to start focusing on IMCuse. I think because I’ve been a runner for so many years that even though this will be my first half marathon and a distance PR for me, it feels kind of old hat. Ask me again Sunday afternoon though. 

I’d like to point out I run in those same hot pink Brooks. I am inherently badass by proxy. Obvi. 

Overall, I had a nice run on Monday. It was short at only 2.5 miles, but I averaged an 8:30 pace which is excellent for me. Yesterday I went to spinning and killed it. I felt great the whole class even though my hip was definitely not thrilled. Nothing ten pounds of Icy Hot can’t fix though. I didn’t run today and I should have. Maybe I’ll run post spinning tomorrow just to get one more in before Sunday. 

Either way though, I need a serious boost of motivation. I’m hoping it’ll resurface once I start actively training for IMCuse. A few times last night during spinning I’d think “70.3, sub-6” to myself and push a bit harder, so here’s to hoping. Come on motivation, I’ve got races to run!

What motivates you?
What things do you do to get yourself out of a unmotivated slump?

3 Replies to “What Motivates You Wednesday”

  1. It’s the same thing for me – only “The Next Event” has enough power to get my off my tush and in the pool/on the bike/out running. I’m also training for my first HM in Dec and then immediately after that HIM training kicks in for Boise 70.3 – sounds like we’re on the same schedule! Keep up the good work and take the next few months to heal before things start getting super serious again – cheers!

  2. I really hate getting up in the morning anyway but when it’s still dark outside it’s twice as difficult. But I really want to get back to a healthy weight within the next 12 months so I’m really trying to push myself to get into a regular workout routine. For me it’s just a matter of kicking myself in the rear enough until I actually get up and go do what I need to do (grumbling to myself the entire time, LOL).

  3. Getting up in the dark and cold definitely makes it so much more difficult. I get up 2 days a week to teach pilates, and those days are pretty brutal feeling. I have a feeling that most of those days wouldn’t have happened if I knew I didn’t have anyone waiting at the gym. I hope the half goes well!

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