What’s In A Week

What a long week. Thank goodness it’s the weekend finally!

A lot of struggling this week on all accounts; food, sleep, training. Everything felt just a bit off the whole time. I’m really glad to wrap this week of training up and move on. 

Pluses from this week so far:
-I achieved a personal best in swim distance
-I did not let a bad run destroy me
-I finally got to try a Ben and Jerry’s Core flavor ice cream
-I took an awesome nap on Monday
I slept in until after 730 this morning. It was awesome and if I didn’t have to leave early for work I would have stayed in bed even longer. Damn job. 
-The scale actually went down for once in forever *happy dance*

Speaking of bad runs, suggestions for getting over them? I mean, I’m already pretty much over it, but usually I dwell on these things. I slept through my run Wednesday morning because of the whole being super tired and not sleeping well thing. So I flexed my work schedule to try and best the rain that we were supposed to get Wednesday night and ran outside after work. And it was terrible. Head wind, grey, icy cold, snow melt run off that had me side stepping into the mud. My legs hated every second of it too and I was left sore and hurting after an abysmal 2 miles. I did not know you could pack so much awful into such a short run. 

Yay post spin! I loves me some spinning!

But I did get over it by doing a three-a-day workout yesterday. I think our one tri club head who schedules all our workouts thinks I’m out of my mind. He saw me at swim practice Thursday morning then I rolled in late for the club run because I went to spinning first.  

Anyways, Syracuse basketball is on this Saturday and I will be in an NCAA basketball coma all weekend if you need me.

Happy Friday!!!

How do you get over a bad run/workout? 
Watching March Madness? Who’s your team and how far do you have them going on your bracket?

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  1. First, I love the fact that trying the new Ben and Jerry’s Core flavor ice cream was one of your pluses for the week. Please, do share, is it worth trying (and what flavor)? Second, you should not beat yourself up for having a bad run. Think of a bad run as a bad episode of your favorite show or a book you didn’t like. Not all of them are going to meet certain expectations, but we can find something about it that is good (maybe?), potentially learn something, and move on to the next one.

    1. I really like that analogy!

      As for ice cream, I tried the Karamel Sutra Core a few weeks ago and it was good. I had Hazed and Confused the other night and it was amazing. Nutella core? Yes please!

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