Try a Little Umph

Whew. Yowza. Yup.

Might be Monday’s combination of hill repeats for my run and strength training, two things I’ve been slacking on, but I woke up Tuesday with some DOMS. I don’t get a lot of DOMS partially because of my level of fitness and also because I’m a creature of habit and I’m bad about shaking up my workout routines. 

Throw in a very tough two a day workout for Tuesday that was actually three workouts and my legs are done-zo. I have a serious date with my foam roller and body buffer today. 

Have I mentioned that Sarah Reinersten is my ultimate triathlon hero? Because she totally is. 

My workout this morning was supposed to be an easy, slow 4 mile run. I clocked out at 3 miles. My legs felt heavy and runners trots were fighting me. Can’t win em’ all. I still feel good about the run regardless. And I did an excessive amount of foam rolling afterwards, so that was nice. After work I’m hoping to walk Griswold then spend some time with my body buffer further soothing my muscles. 

You know what else is going to start happening? This-

Drowning, Ironman, circleslashbaby.

Yeah, my “IRONMAN” alarm set for 6am has been reduced down to only go off two days a week because the other two early mornings are now set to 5am for “Drowning”. Apparently to reap the benefits of the additional coaching I need to be in the water at 530am. I was contemplating setting my Ironman alarm back to 530 anyways, but now that two days a week I’ll be getting up at 5, I’m going to keep my other alarm right where it is. Honestly, as much as I’ll desperately miss my extra hour of sleep, I need to the extra swimming help more. And it’s only twice a week for 16 weeks, so I can deal, right? Right..?

Morning workout-ers, what time do you get up to get it done?
Who’s your fitness inspiration?
Favorite way to soothe DOMS?

3 Replies to “Try a Little Umph”

  1. I have been forced to become a morning “workout-er” due to the two/days on my IM training plan. I would get up early, now and again, when my after work schedule would not allow the time for training. However, it is now averaging about 3x week. I try to get every minute of sleep I can, so I set my alarm based on the workout I need to do. Basically, I have to get up between 5:00-5:15am. It is painful, but necessary. I know that as my plan progresses, the alarm may have to get even earlier, as the morning workouts become longer. That will be brutal!

  2. Ha! I love the alarm clock nicknames. Drowning is exactly how I feel right now when I get into the pool. Because swimming is my weakest sport, I always wonder if that’s how other people feel when they have to go out and bike or run (if one of those is their weakest sport). I can now empathize a little with my friends who find running very challenging. Way to make a plan and get it done early in the day. I am an early riser as well and try to get my workouts in first thing – or else they might not get done!

    1. I always wonder that too. Mostly because I feel bad for people who have running or cycling as their weakest leg since those are the longest and running is the last. Thank goodness I love running and cycling. And I too tend to skip evening workouts. Too many excuses come up by the end of the day.

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