Will Run For Pumpkin Spice

My posting is still somewhat erratic right now. Hopefully I can start to settle down this week or next. I have so much school work to do and still have more PT in the evenings. Woosh, I’ll be happy when that’s over.

PT has been helping though. I’d say my leg is at about 98% now. It was so hard for me to be at FLT yesterday and not be there to race. The day was phenomenally beautiful and perfect too. But more about FLT later in the week.

My PT finally has me doing some running. I was told to run two miles, two days in a row, at a 1:1 run walk. So that I did. I ran Wednesday and while my time was better, my leg was still a bit sore from dancing and jumping around the dance floor Saturday at E and A’s wedding. Thursday was much better in terms of how I felt. And I’m not going to argue with being cleared to run. On the docket for today is my next perscription run, a 2:1 run walk. We’re registered for a 5k for this weekend and I’m hoping to be told I can run the whole thing at steady state, not intervals.


I’ll be curious to see how horrible three plus miles feels after five weeks off from steady running. I imagine I will suffer immensely and clock my first 5k race over the 30 minute mark since 2011. But it’s what I need to do in order to get back into running. My first of two half marathons is only six weeks away and I will be severely under trained, so the sooner I can get back to justΒ running the better. Hopefully after next week’s 5k I can start to do “long” runs. Hopefully.

I might head out for a bike ride at some point this week too. I’m missing the feeling of riding lately. I think I need to take Finley out for a solid training ride then take Jamis out for a nice leisurely stroll. Just a few more jaunts before the weather turns.

Speaking of weather-


*PSLswoon* If you already follow me on instagram then you already saw this. So yeah, yum! Fall.

Who’s caved and had a PSL already this year?

Ever raced so soon after an injury? Tell me about it!

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  1. No PSL yet. Probably this week though.

    I ran a 5k this summer the first day I was allowed to start running after an injury (3 weeks off). I did not wear a watch so I could focus on running by feel. I felt great and did better than anticipated. The next day was rough. Everything hurt. I ended up doing run/walk intervals for the next few days to compensate. I probably should have slowed down a bit during the run.
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    1. Not wearing a watch is a good idea. I was told if I want to run my 5k it needs to be super easy for me, no racing hard.

  2. I miss the feeling of riding too. It’s been so cold and windy here that I’ve been a bit scared to get out there, which sort of makes me a fair weather rider I guess! I have a half marathon in two weeks that I’m so under trained for. When we signed up I thought, oh I’ll just do it for fun but I know on race day I’ll be hoping for a good run. I will need to remind myself of your quote to push through it
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    1. I will say I get burnt out on pumpkin by Thanksgiving. Especially this year with all the pumpkin stuff coming out early. Starbucks is basically amazing no matter what you order!

  3. 1 PSL latte so far – thankfully it’s not my fav. Now, the Gingerbread Latte on the other hand……I raced my HIM injured – calf strain the week before! 13 miles of “running” on that thing was definitely rough. I took it easy though and ended up doing more of a walk/run. So glad I did – next day was nothing but typical leg soreness (mostly in my quads). As much as I wanted to, I’m glad I didn’t push things. Nothing worse than being in a re-injured situation where it takes twice as long to heal. You did the right thing in skipping this week’s tri. Hopefully you are good to go in time for your HM!
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    1. I’ve never tried the gingerbread flavor! I tend to switch to the peppermint chocolate one once I get too sick of pumpkin. Great job getting through you HIM on a strained calf! I do remember you talking about that. Power to ya lady!

  4. Hang in there! Even though the recovery is slow for now, it will soon build up, and your body will remember what it is doing. When I tore my calf, I raced about 6 weeks after my first run, and it was painful (in a sore way, not injury way), but is great for racing yourself into shape. Just give yourself a lot of time after the race as your body will be sore from the pounding πŸ™‚
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  5. I’ve never suffered an injury like that, so I can’t say I’ve raced immediately coming back from an injury. Typically I only race when I am feeling 100% or close to that, for fear of re-injuring myself by pushing it too hard. Major props to you for working so hard and doing everything you can to recover from this. Hopefully the PSL is adding “umph” to your PT and recovery. πŸ™‚
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  6. I completely feel your pain! Coming back from injury is so hard, mentally and physically. I ran 30 minutes tonight and had the hardest time, I was having a hard time convincing myself that I really did used to run 10 miles easier than that dinky 3-ish mile run!

    You’ll get back though! Sounds like you’re making a very smart comeback. Good luck getting back to it and training for that half marathon! Just found your blog so I’ll keep checking back to see how the progress is going πŸ™‚
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    1. Oh man, yes, it’s crazy how quickly you lose fitness!

      Hope you stick around =)

  7. You might revoke your friendship card, but I don’t know that I’ve ever had a PSL from Starbucks. Please don’t unfriend me and ban me from your blog ;-D (haha!)

    My two back-to-back races in May where while I was injured (oops). I didn’t realize I was so injured until after the fact. When I woke up the Monday after my races, I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t put any weight on my foot/ankle at all. Thankfully, I think it was just plantar fasciitis, but it was still no fun. I was sure my race season was gone at that point. But I did some self-prescribed PT, took it easy, and changed my shoes. After that, I was pretty much right as rain πŸ™‚
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    1. I would never unfriend you! Pumpkin’s not for everyone and living in Texas I don’t even know if you guys get enough of “fall” to make me want a PSL if I lived there.

      Waking up injured post race is the worst! That’s happened to me, haha!

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