Will Run For Work

Oh hump day, bless you for showing up finally. Thankfully though, tomorrow is my Friday. Gotta love the perpetual three day weekends I can sometimes finagle. I mean, I will be working a metric assload of over time this week and next week, but still, so many Friday’s off in my future!

I started off my running streak Monday, Tuesday..? Does getting dragged down the street power walking a mile with Griswold count? If not then I started Tuesday with a painful 5k run. The summer started off so mild. No humidity, sunny, and mid-70’s every day. It was glorious, perfect, everything I could want in weather. But alas, summer has found us and even for a 6am run it was already 72F and 80% humidity. Ugh, yuck. So slow and so very difficult. Like running through hot pea soup. Not my idea of fun, but I need to be running more. A lot more. Period, so it’s getting done.

He's so not sorry for having no leash manners.  Just look at that face. He's lucky he's so dang cute.
He’s so not sorry for having no leash manners. Just look at that face. He’s lucky he’s so dang cute.

Okay, so on a not training related note, remember last week when I said I had Big Life News going on? Well I was going to wait until Monday to share, but the cat’s already out of the bag at work at this point and it has leaked over to FB.








Those are pictures of a classroom, yes, but not just any classroom- My New Classroom! I’ve already submitted my formal resignation letter at the Council and will be signing my contract with my new school district on Monday. So after three years of being out of the classroom I’m ditching community health services and heading back to education.

It all happened so fast it was kind of crazy. I got called on Tuesday being asked to come in first thing Thursday morning to interview. By Thursday afternoon after my interview I was called and asked to come in the very next morning to teach a mock lesson to ten eighth graders. They were also hiring a math teacher and were running behind, so I sat with the other two health teacher candidates for upwards of an hour before I finally went in. And by 3pm that same day I was called by the superintendent being asked to come in first thing Monday morning to meet with him. So it’s been about a week and a half now. I met with my new assistant principal Monday and got a tour of my new school before being deposited at my classroom and told to hang around as much as I liked. I was also told to come as much as I want over the summer to start dropping things off and setting up.

And that’s why I didn’t run after work on Monday. I was so elated after getting to see my new classroom all I wanted to do was go out and buy things for it. And I did. I went out after work and bought a bunch of stuff. I also need to go through all my stuff from RCSD that is in the guest room closet and attic and pull out what I want and need. I’m going back Friday when I’m off work to start unloading things into my new classroom.

My year teaching at RCSD was rough. Like seriously rough. Commuting an hour in and out each day, bouncing between three schools everyday, teaching half the day outside of my certification to kids who didn’t speak English, being treated like shit by most of the students and feeling completely unsupported by most of my administration. I came home crying more often than not. I just didn’t fit that district and it was a difficult year. That district only graduated 43% this past year and is undergoing a lot of scrutiny and problems and I can’t say I’m not sad to be there anymore. My new district has already made me feel welcomed, supported, and encouraged to be successful. I am so excited.

So there’s my big news. This will ultimately change the way I train as I’ll be losing my morning workout option. But, my new school has a super awesome fitness center in it, so I can at least run and lift after work right there at school. And I’ll still be back from work in time for spinning or group rides. Mostly my swimming time will need a major shake up. But I’ll figure it out since my tri season will be just about over when school starts up. Then it’ll be half marathon training time, so running will be my main focus anyways.

Yay new teaching job!!!!!

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    1. Going to a job that makes you feel bad is definitely the pits!


  1. This is wonderful news, Courtney! What an exciting job, teaching health to eighth graders. I think if there was one subject I would want to teach in Junior High it would be health. You are going to make such an impression on your students. I’m very happy for you and that you are able to do something that you love.
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